New MADesigns PROMISE 2 Eyes

[ click on the image for more detailed look ]

Promise eyes from MADesigns is one of the Maddox’s favourite collections. These are hand painted eyes using the realistic source with subtle reflections.

Occasion: Everyday use, all light conditions.

Colors available: 20 Blue,  Green and Brown

Iris size: large

Veins: light with eyelid shadow


Eyes are each sold separately or as part of a bundle. Bundles attract generous 50% discount and are suggested if you are planning of buying several eyes from same series.


To stay updated with new releases from MADesigns please join KMADD Enterprise Group upon arrival at KMADD. Free HAIR, eyes and special offers to MADesigns VIPs are just some of the benefits of being part of one of the largest groups in Second Life (over 18,000 members)

We have also sent 3 pairs of blue, green and brown eyes to our members TODAY!

Be part of the group that gives you more.


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