MADesigns Eyes ~ LIGHT

[ click on the image for more detailed look ]

One of our brightest releases which also offer some subtle hues. It is all about light in this collection. They are perfect studio eyes where light source is direct and prominent.

Occasion: Studio/photography/everyday use

Colors available: 24 colors

Iris size: medium

Veins: light with eyelid shadow


Eyes are each sold separately or as part of a bundle. Complete collections attract generous 50% discount.


To stay updated with new releases from MADesigns please join KMADD Enterprise Group upon arrival at KMADD. Free HAIR, eyes and special offers to MADesigns VIPs are just some of the benefits of being part of one of the largest groups in Second Life (over 18,000 members)

We have also sent 3 pairs of blue, green and brown eyes to our members TODAY!

Be part of the group that gives you more.


2 responses to “MADesigns Eyes ~ LIGHT

  1. I’ve always been a fan of your eyes, so colorful. I don’t think any other store has so many to choose from. Only minor drawback is they don’t show as much 3D/depth as other brands (yet). If you were to catch up on that, there wouldn’t be any need to look anywhere else. On a side note: what skin is that one (Light eyes model)? Is it an up-coming shape?

    • Thanks Nem,
      Just a note on the dimensionality and that is a great point your brought up. We have actually started to update all of our eyes with the following features which would add more dimensionality to them: eyelid shadow, iris shadow, lighter more realistic veins and improved depth and reflections. The following eyes that have been fully updated with these features are: Promise 2 (all updated and new colors introduced – our most popular set), Studio, Nature (release that has started this update), Light, Loneliness and Individual (prim eyes – which is our next release). The skin you are seeing on the upcoming shape Zim is from DNA – Harmony. It is a new skin that I received test of couple of days ago and fell in love instantly. This skin will be available @ KMADD as part of COMPLETE AVATARS Collection as well as sold individually as soon as it is finished as well as series of our PREMIUM styled shapes which include hair and eyes.

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