UNDERWORLD Ball ~ party videos

We had such an amazing time at Underworld Ball last weekend. Party went for over 6hrs, can you believe it? Although it was 6am for me in Australia when the party started, I managed to stay awake, take loads of photos and attempt capturing a few videos as well. Needless to say I crashed numerous times that I lost count and alas most videos turned out choppy and unusable. What I managed to salvage was pretty good though and since this was my RL birthday, memories of it will now stay with me forever. We thank you all for coming and hope to see you at next KMADD event soon.

To see complete package: Event invite, teasers, official trailer, event photos and videos – visit KMADD Events on FLICKR. We suggest to watch all these in HD.

It’s Britney bitch! Music was eclectic during the night, for those of you that get to attend MAD Agency shows, you know that is my favorite style. So yes Britney was there, but as you would see from other videos it did not stop there.

In this video see Risa Bright, MAD Agency Director, MAD Agency Models and Eve Petlyakov get off to some awesome tunes. Amazing costumes in this one.

Remember the movie Weird Science? You will love this.

Keeping with the spirit of holidays… Adams Family!

Only ETC Dollinger can spin polka and make it work at the party. Watch Eve faint and Gabe come to the rescue.

Did I say amazing costumes already? Watch this one!

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