New Releases in Men’s Fashion @ KMADD

KMADD now has a section in their store dedicated entirely to Men’s Fashion. Our New Releases in Men’s Fashion department features just that – top brands and all their most recent releases. All items are divided into categories so you can easily locate what you are looking for.

Categories include:

  • Casual
  • Formal
  • Shoes
  • Accessories
  • Poses


Each designer featured @ KMADD has also FREE items available to visitors of KMADD. These are Quality Designer freebies guys. Just another reason to visit KMADD today!

LOCATION: New Releases in Men’s Fashion @ KMADD



Five new pose sets out now!


One new pose set available. A few AO compatible and runway compatible stands perfectly suited for your photography needs.

SPECIAL DISCOUNT: KMADD Enterprise group members are eligible for a special 10% discounts on the following sets. Wear your group tag before you purchase and the vendor will refund your discount.


A new incredibly detailed watch from Go Beyond the Matrix.

GBTM “Indian”

Highdetailed – 256 visible prims

Prim handsEvery timezone adjustable by HUD

Day-date function manufactured with rotating nano prims – real working connected to your selected real time zone

Illuminated scale –> Superluminova

11 diff. bands selectable by HUD (1-script-texturechanger = zero lag)

Scale, numbers, screws manufactured with nano prims

Compass needle real working – nano prims

Sapphire glass/Protection grid covers dial

Size adjustable by HUD (1-script-resizer = zero lag)

Bandapplications manufactured with nano prims

This model is dedicated to the legendary spirit of freedom and independence – Indian.

The day-date is based on the selected 1st time zone – switchings exact at midnight to the correct day and date, leap year or not (eternal calendar).Equipped with a real working compass (nano prim needle) helps you navigate through this virtual world.That our Indian is shock protected, water, dust and time resistant – we don´t need to say.Built for the end of days, unbreakable.Metal, leather, solidity… eternity —> Indian.Be tough, be hard, be honest, head up… whatever will come… our Indian will stay at your side – forever.

What makes a GBTM so special?Your watch doesn´t use rotating textures, all visible and moving parts are “physical”.(manufactured with Nanoprims)All functions are “real working”.

SF Design

New knitwear from SF Design.

This one FREE during November also available to buy in brown, red and ocher.

Our popular stud leather jeans are now available to buy in brown as well as black.

Our classy new outfit – country gent includes shirt with sculpted sleeves and cuff links, vest, breeches, collar with cravat , hat and long socks.

Finally, a completely FREE TUX in the formal area. Get the complete James Bond look without spending lindens!

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