MADesigns wins GLANCE Fashion Award – The Best Shapes Store

GLANCE Fashion Awards were over the weekend.

Kirk Claymore and myself were in attendance since MADesigns/KMADD has been nominated in 3 categories: the Best Shapes Store, The Best Hair Store and New-Comer friendly. It was our first time attending this kind of event so we were quite nervous and excited at the same time. But biting our nails was not an option as we were also invited to be guest hosts and announce this year’s Best Menswear Store Award, which was won by our dearest friend Cheerno! Cheerno gave a teary speech which was very heart felt.

We certainly did not go home empty handed thanks to you, in addition to winning popularity Award…

MADesigns Shapes Won as The Best Shape Store

For the complete rundown of all the nominations in each category and winners of this years GLANCE Fashion Awards in each visit GLANCE website.

We would like to congratulate all designers who have been nominated and especially winners of this year’s Fashion Awards.

If you have missed the televised version of the event as it was not opened to public, here is how it went down (including our thank you speech)…

Charriol Ansar, the COO (Chief Operations Officer) of the GLANCE introduced Shape category by saying:

“I will be your Hostess to introduce the Best Shapes Store category”

“As surprising as it may sound to those new to Second Life virtual fashion world, shaping one’s style doesn’t take only clothes and accessories. Shapes work the magic of transforming our default avatar look into a personality with unique, identifiable body features. Should we be tall, short, slender, curvy, muscular, thin or many other alternatives, the three dimensional representation of our virtual character relies essentially on shapes. Shape makers make our lives easier when it comes to transforming ourselves: we can buy shapes for roleplay, parties and fun purposes with a single click. The Best Shapes Store award is about celebrating those who take the time to contribute further to the virtual fantasy and style worlds in Second Life.”

“In 2011, 63 brands have been suggested for the Best Shapes Store category by the voting panel of the GLANCE Fashion Awards.”

“This year’s Nominees are…”

”  Body Doubles by Lyra Blackthorne and Persia Christensen
MADesigns by Maddox DuPont and Kirk Claymore
Redgrave by Emilia Redgrave
Sophistishapes by Sophia Rossen
Unique Megastore by body designer Iarita Beck”

“For the first edition of the GLANCE Fashion Awards…”

“The winner of the Best Shapes Store category is… “

“MADesigns by Maddox DuPont and Kirk Claymore!”


Kirk and I than walked up and accepted the award, giving our Thank you speech – this one goes to everyone who took time to vote for us, is involved with KMADD on any level and has supported us over the years. We love you guys!

M: I feel like I am at the Oscars, Kirk
K:  Truly a magical evening, thankfully without the paparazzi!

M: Seriously now, first thanks GLANCE for organizing this years fashion awards. I am sure I speak for every designer in this room when I say that is a great honor to be included and to receive some sort of recognition for the work we do.

Both Kirk and I very grateful to be part of Second Life community and to do what we love. Being nominated is great honor to begin with and winning this award is truly humbling experience.

K: We would like to thank first our supporters – without you we wont be here today.
Your support is truly appreciated, you keep us going guys.

M: I personally would like to thank to Eve Petlyakov, KMADD Manager, who not only has helped over the past 12 months with customer service but with tedious admin side of SL business which keeps us away from creating. Eve has been amazing friend, manager and inspiration to me and I could not have done it without her.

K: We would also like to thank Risa Bright, MAD Agency Director who is responsible for the  success of MAD Agency modeling for the past 3 years. And to our MAD Agency models who are some of the best in the business and have been with us since we started.

M: As you know we love collaborating with designers and skin makers in what we do, therefore our thanks also goes to all you amazing designers who have put trust in us to promote your product and share in your success.

K: We extend our thanks to all the bloggers including our own team of MAD Image bloggers who choose to promote our products, your hard work is truly appreciated.

K: Thank you all and have a great evening!
M: Indeed, thank you!


” Throughout our years as residents of the ever-evolving virtual world that is Second Life, we can face situations (themed parties, role-play needs…) where shaping a new personality is required. Shapes stores throughout the grid along with this year’s Nominees and winners, MADesigns, are here to assist you in this metamorphosis and guide you with style tips to look your best in your new shape.”

Awards displayed @ KMADD

The Little Big Shop 2011

KMADD is proud sponsor of The Little Big Shop 2011


The Little Big Shop 2011 Call for Participants (event April 15-May 15)

Website (in progress):
Designer application link:…
The Little BIG Shop Event chairs–Tala Swan, Yasmino GossipGirl and Faint Paulse–need your help to bring clean water to Africa and India! We’re very excited about raising money for the water project and providing mentoring opportunities for up-and-coming content creators.


Vintage Boutiques on Main Street (website in progress:
This event will be a coming together of SL communities: little stores, big stores, artists – all for the cause of bringing water to another hometown, the villages. A total of ((number)) stores will participate in the event, which will be held at a sim donated by Maddox Dupont of KMADD Enterprise ( Each boutique will house 2-4 big and little stores, mixed together. Boutique window displays will be created by SL artists, making the event both a great place to shop and a lovely sight to explore. A summary of the guidelines for participation are all detailed in the sections that follow.


The Water Project-….
500 dollars (us) is the goal.


The purpose of The Little BIG Shop Event is to encourage designers to share their talents, network, and become both mentors and learners in a collaborative community of love and prims! Established big shops help out little shops by mentoring them with things like how to manage, network, or how to build and make quality products.


Some of the best SL artists including Four Yip and AM Radio will be sponsoring the event by creating window displays. Displays can be primwork, photography or videos, but must look like a fashion window display.

All artwork should have a theme of “water” (in any creative form that you choose to integrate it!) to promote awareness of the charity, The Water Project.
Contact Yasmino GossipGirl with questions about the website or about being a big or little shop.
Contact Tala Swan regarding information about The Water Project, advertising and press.
Contact Faint Paulse if you are interested in doing an art installation for the event or if you would like to assist with the primary build.

MAD Agency presents DEREZZED ~ Tron Fashion Show this Weekend

MAD Agency PRESS Release

MAD Agency presents DEREZZED ~ Tron Legacy Fashion Show

“The Grid, a digital frontier. I tried to picture clusters of information as
they move through the computer – what do they look like?
Ships, motorcycles, where the circuits are like freeways.
I kept dreaming of the world I thought I’d never see.
Then one day, I got in!”

Flynn from TRON Legacy, the movie

This is your chance to enter the grid and experience KMADD’s DEREZZED Fashion and Dance event in futuristic Tron Legacy style.


On February 26th, 2011 MAD Agency will present for the very first time a fashion show featuring MADesigns Shapes, Hair & Eyes, proudly supported by leading fashion brands who have created outfits inspired by recent revival of cult classic TRON.

This is your opportunity to see up close what KMADD has been renowned for over 4 years. MADesigns’ new Female Shape collection will be revealed together with some of MADesigns best male avatars.

This show would not have been possible without styling expertise and support from Modavia Productions’ own, the one and only fabulous Dahlia Joubert.


Date: February 26th
Time: 9AM SLT & 12PM SLT (2 Shows)
Location: KMADD Events Sim


Date: February 26th
Time: 1PM SLT till late
Location: KMADD Events Sim

DJ: Clark Mactavish
Dress Code: TRON


To secure your place and avoid disappointment please ensure you arrive to show location 30 minutes prior to the event. This will allow you sufficient time to rezz to be able to enjoy the show the way it was intended.
MAD Agency shows carry limited audience capacity which ensures smooth running of the show. If you do not succeed to gain access to the first show, please try again for our second session.
All MAD Agency shows have custom windlight settings and music scores. Please turn music on and have your windlight settings adjusted prior to your arrival.


To experience TRON event fully please use the following Windlight settings by Yoho Waco.


Designers participating in DEREZZED Event include:


MADesigns / KMADD by Maddox DuPont


Graves by Jackie Graves
[sYs] by Syane Cisse and Systi Cisse
Miamai by Monica Outlander
Elixir by Khorus Magne / Elf Juran
CheerNo by CheerNo Destiny
Xeno by Xenomorph Wonder


Rublik by Jinx SpiritWeaver
NeurolaB Inc. by Ono Zinner
Grollwerk by Groll Greggan
[sYs] by Syane Cisse and Systi Cisse
Grim Bros. by  Cutea Benelli


CheerNo by CheerNo Destiny
Glam Affair by Aida Ewing
LeLutka by Thora Charron
[sYs] by Syane Cisse and Systi Cisse
Belleza by Tricky Boucher
Bad@zz by Master Source
Signature by Simple Spad
DNA Cloning Factory by Brox Riaxik
REDGRAVE by Emilia Redgrave
Hermony by Hermanni Laville
VALIANT (Sacred Skinline) by Wavie Haller
LaVie by KaoZ Koba


MAD Agency is a boutique model management company that provides top models & style services to photographers, advertisers, designers and production companies in Second Life.
Listed as the official Solution Provider for Linden Lab, you can count on MAD Agency & KMADD team to deliver  world class professional customer service & shows that would provide your brand exposure it needs.
MAD Agency shows feature extravagant, elaborate and immersive fashion sets that are perfectly matched to eclectic music scores that complement the gorgeous models, designer’s clothing, choreography and ambiance.


For MAD Agency show/event inquiries please contact Risa Bright, MAD Agency Director.

MAD Agency presents: DEREZZED Tron Fashion Show

[ click to enlrage ]

MAD Agency presents DEREZZED ~ KMADD’s TRON Legacy Fashion and Dance event this Saturday.

Featuring: MADesigns, Cheerno, Elixir, sYs, MiaMai, Xeno, Rublik, Grollwerk, NeurolaB inc. Glam Affair and Grim Bros.
Styled by Dahlia Joubert (MODAVIA PRODUCTIONS).

Dress code: TRON

LM for this event and will sent closer to the date in KMADD Enterprise group – this is save the date ONLY.

See you on the grid program!


MADesigns COMPLETE AVATARS ~ New Releases

[ click on images to get a closer look ]

If you are looking for a complete look at fantastic price, you can’t go past COMPLETE AVATARS @ KMADD.

COMPLETE AVATARS is our exclusive collection of shapes created in a collaboration with Second Life’s skin creators. Designed to offer instant transformation each shape comes with hair that is perfectly fitted, skin specifically selected for each shape that comes in both hair and bald version and pair of MADesigns eyes to bring life and realism to your new avatar. Simply wear the contents of each package and you are ready to go, all you need to do is add clothing. It is that simple!

Perfect package for both new and experienced players in need of quick change.

In this release, we are featuring new skin from CHEERNO: Brent. Brent comes in 3 fantastic tones in both dark and blonde and with numerous facial/make up options. Brent is available for purchase @ MADesigns Store, KMADD.

PACKAGE CONTENT: MADesigns COMPLETE AVATARS Collection offers skin, shape, hair, eyes and specially designed facial hair/eyebrows all in one package.

PERMISSIONS: Modify / Copy / No Transfer

PRICE: $1500

Demos are available for each shape collection under each SHAPES section of our store.

PLEASE NOTE: Shape demos have larger feet and hands than the original and their appearance will depend on the skin you are wearing at the time you are trying demos on.


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New Designer Showcase @ KMADD

We currently have the pleasure of showcasing the work of Rob Moonites, the creator behind FIR & MNA. Known for his clean style, excellent prim work, and wonderful textures Rob’s creations are a staple in many a wardrobe. From shoes, to sweaters, to coats you’ll find many pieces that easily transition from season to season at incredible prices. Come by and have a look today!

Direct Teleport to KMADD’s Designer Showcase

For the month of February Rob has released a KMADD Exclusive: The Jackson Boots.

Also featured in the showcase this month:


Thanks so much Rob!


[ click to enlarge ]

It’s TRON month @ KMADD this February and we got something special for you each week.

This week we’ve taken cyan colored eyes from each eye collection and reduced it to ONLY L$10.

TRON Dance party and fashion show are scheduled in the last week of February, Tron theme is mandatory so grab your pair.

New MADesigns Eyes ~ PRESENCE

Intense and hypnotic MADesigns EYES Presence come in wide range of bright colors designed to intensify your avatar’s appearance against Windlight splashed skies.

Occasion: Everyday use / Studio / Windlight Skies

Colors available: 20 colors

Iris size: medium

Veins: light (2nd generation)



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