The Little Big Shop 2011

KMADD is proud sponsor of The Little Big Shop 2011


The Little Big Shop 2011 Call for Participants (event April 15-May 15)

Website (in progress):
Designer application link:…
The Little BIG Shop Event chairs–Tala Swan, Yasmino GossipGirl and Faint Paulse–need your help to bring clean water to Africa and India! We’re very excited about raising money for the water project and providing mentoring opportunities for up-and-coming content creators.


Vintage Boutiques on Main Street (website in progress:
This event will be a coming together of SL communities: little stores, big stores, artists – all for the cause of bringing water to another hometown, the villages. A total of ((number)) stores will participate in the event, which will be held at a sim donated by Maddox Dupont of KMADD Enterprise ( Each boutique will house 2-4 big and little stores, mixed together. Boutique window displays will be created by SL artists, making the event both a great place to shop and a lovely sight to explore. A summary of the guidelines for participation are all detailed in the sections that follow.


The Water Project-….
500 dollars (us) is the goal.


The purpose of The Little BIG Shop Event is to encourage designers to share their talents, network, and become both mentors and learners in a collaborative community of love and prims! Established big shops help out little shops by mentoring them with things like how to manage, network, or how to build and make quality products.


Some of the best SL artists including Four Yip and AM Radio will be sponsoring the event by creating window displays. Displays can be primwork, photography or videos, but must look like a fashion window display.

All artwork should have a theme of “water” (in any creative form that you choose to integrate it!) to promote awareness of the charity, The Water Project.
Contact Yasmino GossipGirl with questions about the website or about being a big or little shop.
Contact Tala Swan regarding information about The Water Project, advertising and press.
Contact Faint Paulse if you are interested in doing an art installation for the event or if you would like to assist with the primary build.

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