KMADD’s Derezzed Tron Legacy Flickr CONTEST

Continuing success of KMADD’s Derezzed Fashion Show and Tron Shape releases you got a chance to win great prizes by participating in KMADD’s Tron Legacy Flickr Contest.


KMADD Events Sim is currently hosting Tron Legacy build by Maddox DuPont which was designed specifically for MAD Agency’s DEREZZED Fashion Show & Dance Events.

KMADD’s Derezzed Tron Legacy sim is open to public: 15th of March – 25th of March.
Visit KAMDD Events sim during this time to take your photos and enter the competition.

There are 3 photo categories that are open for submission:

1) AVATAR (single)
Style your avatar in Tron Legacy/Sci-Fi theme and take your photo at KMADD’s Derezzed Tron Legacy sim
You outfit must use at least 1 (one) MADesigns product and if you need an inspiration or would like to see what we are looking for visit:
DEREZZED Tron Legacy Boutique currently @ KMADD or see photos from MAD Agency’s DEREZZED Fashion Show.

2) AVATARS (group)
Create a Tron Legacy scene. Wear your KMADD Enterprise group tag to rezz objects (poses, cycles) at KMADD Events Sim and create a Tron scene with a group of friends. At least one person in the photo must use at least 1 (one) MADesigns Product.

Simply take a breathtaking photo of KMADD’s Derezzed Tron Legacy Sim. You can use our windlight settings or use your own (just make sure it fits the theme).


All entries must be submitted by 12AM SLT on March 31st.
PLEASE NOTE: KMADD Events Sim closes for photos on 25th of March so your photos would need to be taken before this date but can be submitted anytime by 31st of March.


To be eligible for the prizes and avoid disappointment please read important competition
rules listed below this section.

1) AVATAR (single)
1st place $L5,000 (cash)
2nd place $L2,000 (KMADD Store card)
3rd place $1,000 (KMADD Store card)

2) Avatar (group)
1 x $L1,000 (cash)
Each avatar featured in the photo gets $L1,000
Maximum of $L5,000 will be awarded.

3) Location
5 x $L500 (cash)


1) To be eligible for prizes you must be KMADD Enterprise group Member. PLEASE NOTE: Subscribomatic members are not eligible to apply unless they join KMADD update group.

To Join KMADD Update Group ~ Search > Groups > KMADD Enterprise > Join (free) or visit KMADD and accept our invite upon arrival.

2) Avatars in the photo MUST feature at least 1 (one) MADesigns product. Name of MADesigns product must be listed in photo description (exact name is needed as listed in your inventory)

3) You photo needs to be submitted to KMADD Flickr group

4) Each photo entered in this competition must have the following tag: KMADD’d Derezzed Flickr Competition Entry
(featured both as tag and in photo description)

5) KMADD Store card prizes are not redeemable for cash. Store cards can only be used on products from MADesigns. Skin and Fashion by other designers hosted @ KMADD are excluded.

6) Late submissions will not be accepted. NO EXCEPTIONS. No response will be given to IMs received regarding this.

7) Judging and Winner decision is decided by KMADD. Our decision is final and no discussion will be entered into regarding your work or wordiness of other entries.


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