The Red Jacket

For this look, I am using Taine, one of MADesigns’ Complete Avatars. The complete avatars come with the skin, hair, eyes and shape. The Complete Avatars range from 1500 L$ to 2500 L$ depending on the skin. Taine cost 2000 L$. If you’re new to Secondlife or just want to make a quick change, the Complete Avatars are the best, and the cheapest way to go.

<complete style notes after the jump>

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.

I choose to use Taine for this look because I wanted an avatar which came with a mohawk for a more rocker look. While many of MADesign’s avatars come with mohawks, the DNA skin paired with this shape gave Taine a more young, boyish face. The skin also came with eyeliner which was perfect for the look I was going for. When it came down to the outfit I wanted hints or bright bold color. This Red blazer from NSD did the trick.  I paired the red of the blazer with the red of the graphic tee and with the details on the boots. I kept the color of the pants dark to balance out the brightness of the jacket. These pants from Armidi, while old, still do the trick with a nice black color but white details to bring up the level of interest. To finish the look, a simple yet unique necklace, and finger tape with worn out nail polish.


HAIR: MADesigns ~ FAME ~ Copper V


EYES: MADesigns ~ PROMISE – blue 11


NAILS: SiniStyle ~ Taped Fingers & Black Nails


JACKET: NSD ~ Playboy Blazer rolled up Red

SHIRT: Emery ~ Top Bowie – Pure

JEANS: Armidi Limited ~ Modern Pants – Simply Black

NECKLACE: MStyle ~ Deer Necklace – Black

BOOTS:  DECO ~ Test Boots – Red Laces

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