Passing Through

For this look I used the MADesigns Complete Avatar.  The complete avatar collections offers skin, shape, hair, eyes, and a specific facial hair/eyebrow all in one pack.  You just have to wear all the items and your avatar is ready to go!

The Complete Avatar used here is Magnus….

complete style credits after the jump >

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


Everything listed here in the Body section can be purchased @ Kmadd by acquiring the Complete Avatar – Magnus.

HAIR: MADesigns ~ Garrett – Dark Blonde VII

SKIN: Muism ~ Trevor -Fair Bald 02

EYES: MADesigns ~ Intense – timid


SHIRT: Scars ~ Smooth Drape cutsaw – White

PANTS: Connors ~ Painter Baggy – Khaki

SHOES: HOC Industries ~ Hocs Lowtops – Classic colors

Photos by Luciano Enoch

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