The faun is a rustic forest god or place-spirit of Roman mythology. The faun is a half human half goat manifestation of forest and animal spirits which would help or hinder humans at whim. Romans believed fauns inspired fear in men traveling in lonely, remote or wild places but were also capable of guiding humans in need.

I am proud to feature the works of 6 talented designers in SL to complete this look. They are:

1. Casa CheerNo

Casa CheerNo offers high fashion couture, skin and hair for men. The recently released butterfly accessory is an excellent addition to any fantasy outfit or haute couture. Besides the summer butterfly shown in the picture, they also have winter and fall butterfly collection to match different outfits.

2.  Gauze

Be it faun, demon or merfolk. Gauze offers one of the best selection of demon and faun legs and merfolk tails in SL.

Featured in the picture is the black faun legs from the Natural color set. The set comes with 4 different colors giving you full or half fur layer option. The sculpted lower legs are awesome.

3. Illusions

Illusions is one of the most prominent store known for their beautifully crafted horns, wings, hats, ears and mask with detailed textures. A store you must visit if you are looking for fantasy parts or accesories to complete your look.

I have selected Nivicola Horns among the many available ram horns in the store to compliment the masculine look of the shape and skin used. The horns are also scripted to offer you 12 different choice of colors to match your overall appearance.  The Hedera arm cuffs and bracelet were also used to give the look a natural and a more softer look, (parts sold seperately in-store)

4. MADesigns

Recently being awarded Best Shape Store during GLANCE Fashion Awards, the store has an array of both female and male shapes and hair to suit different personality. I think the latest Complete Avatar collection is fabulous. Featured in the picture is Mel. It comes with MADesign’s Jake hair, eyes, the eyebrow, the shape and skin from Bad@zz.

5. Mandala

Every piece of their work were carefully designed and crafted. The Amida necklace was used because of it’s simplicity and ancient touch in this piece. Other colors available in-store.

6. Slink

SLink sells great looking elf ears and sculpted feet which comes with an amazing HUD so you can change the color of the ears and feet to match as close as possible to your skin tone.

<complete style credits after the jump>

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.




HORNS: Illusions ~ Nivicola Horns

EARS: SLink ~ Sachara Elf Ears – Small

BUTTERFLY: CheerNo – Butterfly Summer (edited)

NECKLACE: MANDALA ~ Amida Necklace – inca gold – MALE

LEGS: Gauze ~ Faun Legs – Naturals – Black

ARM CUFF & BRACELET: Illusions ~ Hedera Arm Cuffs & Hedera Bracelets

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