Quiet Moments

For this look, I am using one of the MADesigns Complete Avatars called Yasu.  At the price of 2,000 L$ the complete avatars come with the shape, eyes, hair and an eyebrow shape made by MADesigns and a Muism Skin. The cool thing about this avatar is  you get the skin in five different tones. Each tone comes with a skin with and without a hair base. Body layers are also included in the set.

<complete style credits after the jump>

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations


HAIR: MADesigns ~ JUSTIN ~ Black IV

SKIN: Muism ~ Ryu Fair

EYES: MADesigns ~ ELECTRIC ~ night

SHAPE: MADesigns  ~ Yasu

TATTOO: AITUI ~ Dire ~ faded

NAILS: Love Soul ~ Mens ~Checker


SUSPENDERS: Dirty Hands ~ Outfit Burton ~ Suspenders

SHIRT: Muism ~ Stripe Deep V Tee ~ black white

PANTS: Connors ~ Painter Baggy ~ Black

NECKLACE: Rozoregalla ~Belial Type1 ~ Black

BELT: Connors ~ Painter Baggy ~ Camo Belt

BOOTS: GOS ~ Doc V2 8 HOLE ~ Old Leather

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