The Little BIG Shop Event at KMADD Events

KMADD is proud to announce the opening of  The Little BIG Shop Event at the KMADD Events Sim.

The Little BIG Shop Event chairs–Tala Swan,Yasmino GossipGirl , and Faint Paulse -need your help to bring clean water to Africa and India!

SL COMMUNITY GOAL:                                                                                                                                                                          The purpose of The Little BIG Shop Event is to encourage designers to share their talents, network, and become both mentors and learners in a collaborative community of love and prims! Established big shops help out little shops by mentoring them with things like how to manage, network, or how to build and make quality products.

CONCEPT:   Vintage Boutiques on Main Street:                                                                                                                        This event is a a coming together of SL communities: little stores, big stores, artists–all for the cause of bringing water to another hometown, the villages. Boutique window displays are created by SL artists, making the event both a great place to shop and a lovely sight to explore.

What are “BIG” and “Little” shops?

BIG: These shops are generally well-established, well-known stores who are having success in the SL market.The designers in this role should be willing to help and be committed to mentoring the little shop.

little: These shops are usually just starting out and may or may not have a start-up business in
world. Generally, these designers just want to learn new things and need a little advice. They will need be just as committed as big shops!

Each vendor is required to donate one of their exclusive products and have 100% of the proceeds from that product go directly to The Water Project. Most vendors will have bright blue borders to distinguish that its for charity.

The Water Project and The little BIG Shop Profile @ The Water Project

Visit them today at the KMADD Events Sim!


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