No matter what look you have in mind, music always makes for a perfect accessory.

<complete style credits after the jump>

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HAIR:  Anaphora ~ Booch – Umber

SKIN:  Belleza ~ Shawn – Medium Tone

EYES:  MADesigns ~ Shadow Eyes – Moss

BEARD:  Cheerno ~ Beard – Ginger 05

LASHES:  Cheerno ~ Male Lashes – Super


SHIRT:  Egoisme ~ Lagrange Suit

PANTS:  Cheerno ~ Prince Outfit

SHOES:  Reek ~ Swell Sneaks – Modified Black & White

JEWELRY:  Mandala ~ Soul Ear Piercing – Silver

PIERCING:  Buried Alive ~ Basic Piercing – Lip Ring (Left)

GLOVES:  Sini-style ~ Taped Fingers – Taped Fingers & Black Nails

OTHER ACCESSORIES:  Eish! ~ Eishpod – Dance Eishpod (White)

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