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Model on the left – DICONAY BOA


HAIR: MadDesigns Raven Blacks

SKIN: Glam Affair – Mary – Make up 11

NAILS: CCD . Short Nails . Manicure RED


CAPE: Azoury – La Cape Beige Iris

SHIRT: Glam Affair Ruffle Shirt – Black

PANTS: Kyoot – Nonsensical Pants – Ah-nee-mal

COLLAR: Part of Glam Affair Dayton Outfit

EARINGS: PLUME Tribue Earings in Brown

GLOVES: Part of DIRAM NOA Attire Outfit

BELT: House of Fox – Relentless Belt [Black]

BOOTS: GoS Curvaceous Boots Fat Pack [edited in Black]

Model on the right – KALLISTO DESTINY


Tattoo Layer: – Glam Affair – Make-up Layer 08

Hair: MADesigns HAIR – CREW – Black

Skin: LAQ – Linnea – Peach – Dark brows – 10

EYES: MADesigns EYES_PRESENCE – Confident


JACKET: AOHARU-BT – FurCoat – G2 – WhiteFur

SHIRT: Glam Affair- Ruffle shirt – Shirt layer


LEGGINGS: LeLutka -SIMP leggings – black 1


BRACELET: REIKI – Bracelet Black Diamond/ Female

BELT: MANDALA – Saicho Belt Black circle

SHOES:  : )( :  – Ultimate White Boots


MODELS: Diconay Boa [on left] & Kallisto Destiny [on right];

Photograph: Kallisto Destinty

Styles: Diconay Boa & Kallisto Destiny

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