It goes…

There is a good chance that you’ve been hearing the same old fashion adages since you were little. Your mother probably cringed at the thought of white after Labor Day, and you never dared to wear a leather jacket, belt or shoes that didn’t match. What would you think if I told you many of those rules are outdated and irrelevant in the fashion world of 2011? The truth is, many of them are. One of my favorite old fashion adages is: black and brown don’t match. On the contrary: black and brown go, and look quite sophisticated, too. It’s not whether it “matches” but rather, “does it go”?

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Pair a rich brown leather jacket with a black sweater and brightly colored shirt, or wear black boots and pair of worn-in jeans. Add your favorite accessories to finish off your look. One combo to avoid: brown shoes with black pants.

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HAIR: MADesigns ~ SMITH ~ Dark Brown

SKIN: CheerNo ~ DALLAS ~ Dark Brronze Hair

EYES: MADesigns ~ Naturals ~ True Blue


JACKET/SWEATER/SHIRT: Kal Rau ~ Leather Jacket ~ M2

PANTS: Muism ~ Kirk Jeans ~ Black Dirt

SHOES: GOS ~ GTFO Boot ~ Black

EARRINGS: MANDALA ~ TAKAYAMA Face & Ear Piercing ~ Black

RING: NSD ~ Emery Ring

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