Arbitrary Threads…

Arbitrarily assembling different threads from various designers can help you to create your own unique look. Visit a variety of stores to find unique pieces that fit your personality. Then, try them together to see what creative clothing arrangements you can come up with.

< complete style credits after the jump >


To avoid looking like everyone else and create your own, unique look, your ensemble should not consist of only one designer; refrain from looking like the vendor.


Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


HAIR: CheerNo ~ Yalli – Blonde 10.2XL

HAIR BASE: CheerNo ~ ColorHAIR Base – B Medio

SKIN: Belleza ~ Owen – SK 0-E

EYES: MADesigns ~ Naturals – Blue Water


SHIRT: NSD ~ Trident Sweater – Green

PANTS: BOOM ~ Gettin Low Jeans – Black


BELT: MANDALA ~ Kookai Belt – Dark Brown

JEWELRY: MANDALA ~ SINRA2 Nails & Rings – Samurai Black

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