Prep it up…

Let’s face it, there is probably a manual somewhere out there that describes the preppy look to a T. When someone mentions preppy, I automatically think pleated khakis, polo shirts, and quite possibly a sweater tied around the shoulders or waist country club style.   Then again, I am often referred to as “preppy” and have never worn pleated khaki pants or a sweater tied around anything in my life.

During the 1980’s, men may have no doubt taken every word of that fore mentioned manual to heart; the preppy look was, after all, quite a phenomenon during that period. Today, men have the advantage of marrying classic traditions with modern sensibilities. Although khaki pants, sweaters, and polo shirts are still a staple in most men’s wardrobes, the result is often a new sort of modern preppy style. It’s one that remains true to preppy’s inherent roots while embracing the present day’s penchant for flattering cuts and even more flattering colors.

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Here are a few must-have items to get you started on the path to successful preppy dressing:

  • Sweaters: Cardigans, vests, crewneck and v-neck sweaters that fit well are necessities. These sweaters should fit well; don’t take the baggy route.
  • Button down shirts: An oxford button down shirt is appropriate for any occasion. Think color and a great fit.
  • Jeans: Yes, jeans have a place in the modern preppy male’s wardrobe. A nice, well fitting pair of jeans is the perfect choice for occasions when khakis somehow aren’t casual enough.  Look for jeans that have extra prims to ensure the appropriate length and fit.

By alternating and layering these pieces and adding other appropriate pieces, such as a blazer or slacks,  you can use the same look for many different occassions: work, dinner, a night out with friends, etc.

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HAIR: MADesigns HAIR ~ BRUNO – Dark Blonde VII

SKIN: Belleza ~ Owen – SK1



SWEATER/SHIRT: INDI Designs ~ Knit Pullover – White

PANTS: NSD ~ Homme Jeans – Black

SHOES: Kalnins Footwear ~ Gallop v1.2 – Brown

RING: NSD ~Cross Men’s Ring

GLASSES: GOS ~ SENTINEL – Tortoiseshell Respray

NECKLACE: The GL ~ Vagabond Necklace

BELT: Kalnins ~ Elegance – Teak

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