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Making hair for me is like creating a sculpture. Many of you do not know this about me, but I have a background in fine arts. Although I am no longer practicing artist as I do not have space for my studio at the moment, my work has become digital and Second Life has become my second studio in the past few years.

After I created Soner and Taisto a hawk which was derived from the same style,  I described them as “hair helmets” to one of my stylists. I know, ugly name right?

It is just that this hair reminded me so much of Dragon Ball Z anime hair and I always thought and referred to that hair as hair helmets.

To make a long story short, I believe that Soner and Taisto have something more about them than just mere hair helmet appeal. Although these styles did scare a few of my MAD Image stylists when I challenged them to style the hair vendor, the ones that rose to the challenge and I instantly thought would be able to work it were: Takeshi Ugajin (Soner) and Gabe Bookmite (Taisto). I thought boys have done an exceptional job and so has Garrett Ceriano with Zoki. What do you think?

You see it does not matter if you are an artist and work in real studio or make head sculptures in Second Life hair studio, it does not matter if the style is not realistic or someone calls it “hair helmet” (even if it’s you) as long as you can pull it off, rise to the challenge and make it a success that’s all that matters.

I say…


Featuring skins from BAD@ZZ, The Body Co. and Sacred.

All shapes and eyes featured on our hair vendors are also available for sale @ MADesigns store. All PREMIUM Shapes at MADesigns now come with hair and eyes shown on our hair vendors, all you need to add is skin to achieve the look. Best value shapes are at KMADD!


MADesigns @ KMADD


Search > Places > KMADD or MADesigns

MADesigns specializes in quality short men’s hair, unisex punk styles & female couture hair. No prim was spared in creating fashionable, everyday styles that are versatile enough to wear for any occasion. Over 150 styles for both men and women. You can see our complete HAIR Collection currently on offer here.

MADesigns Hair colors are sold in packs of 8 priced at low L$300. Bundle purchases attract generous 50% discount and are priced at L$2100 for packs including skunk colors and L$1500 for packs without skunk colors.

FREE Male & Female styles are also available in the store so you can test all hair colors and make the right choice before making your purchase.

  • MADesigns colors were created with the most popular skins in mind – ensuring your skin tone and eyebrows won’t clash with a color of your hair.
  • Our hair colors are hand painted and do not use RL hair source giving us far more control over how the texture looks.
  • As our hair colors vary in texture they are able to communicate smoothness/softness and thickness of hair, depth of color and transparency (you will not find one type of texture done in all different colors in our store).

MADesigns Hair Base is available in 80 colors, each designed to match as closely as possible every MADesigns hair color.

If your skin does not come with hair, we got a hair base that you would simply love.

Hand drawn by Icemocolo Voom (MUISM), perfected in style and color by Maddox DuPont. Thanks to this awesome collaboration you got one high detailed, texture rich, natural hair base that is unisex and will add detail your look needs.

Colors are packaged same as hair colors, in boxes of 8. Simply match the hair color to the hair base color. All hair bases are no modify so that color can not be altered.

If you require tint-able version however it is also available – when you purchase hair base fat pack and even on it’s own (look for our hair base icon).

We are releasing hair every couple of weeks, so if you would like to stay updated please join KMADD Enterprise Group.

KMADD Enterprise is one of the largest groups in Second Life (17,000 members and counting). Exclusive previews and giveaways are only available to KMADD Members.

Be part of the group that gives you more!

Available for a limited time from past notices when you join KMADD Enterprise group are MADesigns Promise eyes. To claim yours go to Groups > KMADD Enterprise > Join (free) > Notices > Sort by date > Open attachment







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