New Releases @ KMADD ~ Mature Shape only collection

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On 8th of August Maddox DuPont had his 5th rezz day. I can not believe that it has been nearly 5 years in Second Life for me and what a journey it was. To sort of celebrate my mature age in Second Life, I am releasing 5 mature looking shapes in our Shape Only collection.

Only 599L for a great MADesigns Shape with nearly 5 years of experience in each and one of them – what are you waiting for?!

FYI… KMADD is also part of 2 hunts so make your way to KMADD and snatch some free goodies.

In news…
International Men collection relaunch is coming soon – by Kirk Claymore
MODAVIA Fashion Week starts on 8th – KMADD is providing sets and music for all the shows.
KMADD Female Couture Collection of hair and shapes (23 styles in each) will be launched during Modavia Fashion Week.
Egoism and Filthy Skins Complete Avatars are also coming soon + much more
Lots of good stuff coming… stay tuned.

PACKAGE CONTENT: SHAPES ONLY Collection  includes styling card with details on skin, hair and eyes used and of course MADesigns SHAPE.

If you are looking for complete look check out our COMPLETE AVATARS or PREMIUM SHAPE COLLECTION.

PERMISSIONS: Modify / Copy / No Transfer

PRICE: L$599

Demos are available for each shape collection within our store.

PLEASE NOTE: Shape demos have larger ears than the original and their appearance will depend on the skin you are wearing at the time you are trying them.


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One Thing I Know…

Woke up today and things have changed. The man I’ve become just ain’t the same. Wanted to run, but there’s just no where to go.  Living in a dreamworld, praying that it don’t show. Because who I am, is who you want me to be. But, I’m having a hard time finding me.  So take my hand darlin. Won’t you let me go. Got to do this by myself, that’s one thing I know.
-Randy Rogers Band-

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The Mens 24 Coming Aug. 19-27th

KMADD Events is proud to be hosting The Mens 24 Event

24 Menswear Designers.
4 Hair Designers.
4 Skin Artists.
4 Accessory Designers.

One Week.

Only one thing to decide….
Will you be an Individual?

KMADD, MENStuff, VWN, and Siren Productions are proud to bring you a week long event of exclusives, parties, entertainment, and fashion shows. For full details check out the SecondNights Blog to find bios and headshots of all the designers, complete calendar, and information!

It’s Summer Time…

Baby let’s get out of here while the night’s still young. I know a little place down by the river if we run. We’ll follow the trail by light of the moon, but if we want to make it tonight, we’d better leave soon. ‘Cause it’s the first day of summer, and I’ve been waiting all year for this moment with you right there with me.

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Cocktail Bar

Ah, the beach!
The sand, the sun, the breeze, but also the bars… and their ever so versatile bartenders.
Graciously maneuvering through the maze of tables and designers chairs. Noting down an order, serving nibbles with your drinks or busy creating his next masterpiece of a cocktail.

In a place where presentation is key, a bartender must excell in both making each cocktail a feast for eye and taste bud, but also be exactly that himself. With grace, with showmanship… and above all: with ease.
And when he slips out of sight into the back room for more ice, or 5 minutes of quiet time… that’s where the combination of alcohol and eyecandy takes a run with your imagination.
Oh, yeah… the beach.


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New Releases @ MADesigns

Do not be fooled, eyes define your look as much as every other element of your avatar. Great stylist knows that choosing the right eyes to go with the outfit will add just the right element of detail needed to make the look more realistic and interesting.

Eyes are windows of our soul in virtual and real world. With MADesigns eyes you will have right eyes for every occasion, emotion and time of the day. With literary 1000s of eyes to choose form there is a right eye for you that will make you stand out among the rest.

See MADesigns’ Complete Eye Collection here.

When you looked into his eyes it seemed like he was remembering something that changed him forever.

Occasion: Everyday use / Studio / Windlight Skies

Colors available: 10 colors

Iris size: small

Veins: light (2nd generation)

It was that moment of clarity ~ a pure, precise moment in his existence when his whole world made perfect sense.

Occasion: Everyday use

Colors available: 34 colors

Iris size: medium

Veins: light (2nd generation)

I was there, giving her attention she needed to let it all out, pouring her soul to me brought us closer together just for a moment.

Occasion: Afternoon / Evening

Colors available: 23 colors

Iris size: medium

Veins: light (2nd generation)



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KMADD’s Designer Showcase presents… CONNORS

Every month KMADD brings you Designer Showcase focusing one exceptional fashion brand in Second Life, that in their quality and style have set the benchmark for the rest.

This month our guest designer is Japanese designer Salah Axel ~ CONNORS.

Visit Designer Showcase @ KMADD to claim 2 FREE gifts from CONNORS and check out the range of new releases and some of the CONNORS best releases hand picked by Salah and KMADD.

And here you can visit CONNORS Blog to keep up with their new releases such as these…

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