New Releases @ MADesigns

Do not be fooled, eyes define your look as much as every other element of your avatar. Great stylist knows that choosing the right eyes to go with the outfit will add just the right element of detail needed to make the look more realistic and interesting.

Eyes are windows of our soul in virtual and real world. With MADesigns eyes you will have right eyes for every occasion, emotion and time of the day. With literary 1000s of eyes to choose form there is a right eye for you that will make you stand out among the rest.

See MADesigns’ Complete Eye Collection here.

When you looked into his eyes it seemed like he was remembering something that changed him forever.

Occasion: Everyday use / Studio / Windlight Skies

Colors available: 10 colors

Iris size: small

Veins: light (2nd generation)

It was that moment of clarity ~ a pure, precise moment in his existence when his whole world made perfect sense.

Occasion: Everyday use

Colors available: 34 colors

Iris size: medium

Veins: light (2nd generation)

I was there, giving her attention she needed to let it all out, pouring her soul to me brought us closer together just for a moment.

Occasion: Afternoon / Evening

Colors available: 23 colors

Iris size: medium

Veins: light (2nd generation)




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