Cocktail Bar

Ah, the beach!
The sand, the sun, the breeze, but also the bars… and their ever so versatile bartenders.
Graciously maneuvering through the maze of tables and designers chairs. Noting down an order, serving nibbles with your drinks or busy creating his next masterpiece of a cocktail.

In a place where presentation is key, a bartender must excell in both making each cocktail a feast for eye and taste bud, but also be exactly that himself. With grace, with showmanship… and above all: with ease.
And when he slips out of sight into the back room for more ice, or 5 minutes of quiet time… that’s where the combination of alcohol and eyecandy takes a run with your imagination.
Oh, yeah… the beach.


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SKIN: CheerNo ~ Dallas Ginger – Sunny

HAIR: MADesigns ~ Zoki – Copper III

EYES: MADesigns ~ Nature – Run

BEARD: CheerNo ~ Ginger – 07


VEST: Connors ~ Denim Vest – Blue

SHIRT: Mr. Poet ~ White Shirt

JEANS: CheerNo ~ Deuil Murv Pants

SHOES: Jeepers ~ Sebastian – Midnight

NECKLACE: Kari ~ Je t’aime Robot Necklace

EAR RING: Bellies ~ Feather Ear Ring

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