I’mma Be a Little Selfish . . .

“Boom Boom, Baby.  Pick you up in my Mercedes.  I’mma be a little selfish.  Be a little selfish.”  Sometimes, you just have to spend a little time on yourself.


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HAIR: MADesigns ~ Izaak – Copper VI

SKIN: Belleza ~ Jacob – Medium


SHIRT: Emery ~- Tee – Call Me Outfit

VEST: L&B ~ “S Wear” Envy Mens Ensemble – Vest

PANTS: FuK’N’Hawt ~ Low Rise Jeans – Laura S

SUSPENDERS: Kari ~ New School Suspenders – Pink

BRACELET: Mandala ~ Luck Bracelet – B

BOOTS: [NC] ~ Boots 011 – Black

NECKLACE: Jomo ~ Necklace – 08

GLASSES: Fir & MNA ~ The Barclay Glasses – Black

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