On Display

When dressing up, don’t feel like you just have to grab a black suit and match it with a white shirt and tie.  Try something new and play with different textures and prints.  Maybe grab a colored tie and a unique looking pant.  This might not be something you would automatically wear for a business meeting, but for an evening out be alittle bold and don’t be afraid to take some risks with your attire.



HAIR: MADesigns ~ Lacy – Light Blonde I

HAIRBASE: MADesigns ~ Light Blond I

SKIN: Kento ~ Ryan – T1

EYES: MADesigns ~ Attention – Still


JACKET: Zenith ~ Vandal Vladimir (includes shirt & tie)

PANTS: Tableau Vivant ~ Rhett pants

BOOTS: [ hoorenbeek ] ~ Mullingar  Boots – Black

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