One Stop Shop…

Recently, on a shopping trip, I noticed that many stores have joined together in one central location. Although there are several different sites, this fact makes shopping a “one stop shop” for all of your favorite stores. Not only do I not have to search for different store landmarks in my inventory, I don’t have to wait and wait and wait for each store to rez once I teleport there.  I love it!


Find several of these locations by simply looking in search.  Many of the most popular and high quality stores are located at these locations. Mix and match pieces from various stores to create your look.

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


HAIR: Madesigns ~ Bruno – Dark Blonde VII

SKIN: Belleza ~ Owen – SK1

EYES: Madesigns ~ Clarity – Like A Shell


SHIRT: SEY ~ RetroBorder-PoloShirt – Brown

PANTS: NSD ~ Chinos – Brown

SHOES: Kalnins ~ Janova – Brown

SUNGLASSES: GOS ~ Sentinel – Brown

NECKLACE: Earthstones ~ Jumoke – Leopard Jasper

BAG: HOC Apparel ~ Messenger Bag – Brown

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