New Eyes @ MADesigns ~ MUTATION

Great stylist knows that choosing right eyes for an outfit adds just the right element of detail needed to make the look more realistic and interesting.

Eyes are windows of our soul in virtual and real world. MADesigns has right eyes for every occasion, emotion and time of the day. With literary 100s of eyes to choose form you will find that perfect pair of eyes to complete any look.

See MADesigns’ Complete Eye Collection here.

Inspired by the movie Contagion and just in time for Halloween, we are releasing new set of eyes called Mutation.

She was worried, he did not look good. First signs have already begun to show – he has entered phase I and phase II will likely kill him. There is no saving him now even with the cure. Mutation has begun.

Mutation eyes are mesmerizing, with depth and dimensionality achieved through realistic reflection and range of colors that vary from realistic to fabricated.

Occasion: Day/Night, Windlight, RP

Colors available: 36 colors

Iris size: medium

Veins: light with reflection and lid shadow (3rd generation)



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