Halloween Sim by KMADD & Flickr Contest

Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is this year’s theme for KMADD’s Halloween inspired sim.

Sponsored by New Trails who kindly provided colorful skulls and trees in this theme.

New Trails creator Vitrail Illios has also decorated KMADD store this Halloween.

Visit KMADD Events sim, take photos and add them to our flickr group for your chance to win free eyes and hair.


  • Photos must be taken on KMADD Events sim
  • Photos of the sim or avatar are both ok
  • If Avatars are shown they must be dressed in Halloween costume
  • Winners will be announced in KMADD Enterprise group and must be members of KMADD Enterprise group
  • Competition closes on November 6th

Happy Halloween everyone!

❤ MADd

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