New KMADD Store & new look for MAD Image Blog

MADesigns (product branch of KMADD) turns 5 this December.

To celebrate our 5th birthday we gave our main store and MAD Image blog a brand new look. Theme is elegant and simple, done in KMADD logo colors (black, red and white) with a touch of gold, which sits in contrast with a white winter theme in preparation for the upcoming season. Winter theme was kindly provided by New Trails.

All products are now displayed on the same level with clearly marked signs and with a store directory to help you find what you are looking for in seconds. Store is also divided into male and female sections with hair and shapes opposite of each other.

Take a quick tour of KMADD and see what’s new…

KMADD Store Directory

Find what you are looking for and teleport where you would like to go with a click of a button. Join our subscribo group and see our most recent ads. Connect with us via social networks and visit our official website, blog and store on Marketplace.

PREMIUM Shape Collection

Shape | Hair | Eyes | Style

Male & Female collections available.

MADesigns SHAPE ONLY Collection

Shape Only

On a budget? Find best shapes & affordable prices by purchasing shape only from MADesigns.


Shape | Hair | Eyes | Style

Maintain your ethnic look by visiting renown shape collection by Kirk Claymore.



Skin | Shape | Hair | Eyes

Get the look in seconds with KMADD’s Exclusive Complete Avatars – simply add clothing and you are ready to go.


DNA | Muism | BAD@ZZ | Cheerno

Quality skins from 4 different creators all in one place. Female skins are coming as well!


25 collections to choose to match any outfit, mood or time of the day.

MADesigns Eyes ~ Eyes you will fall in love with…


Poses and dances from Humanoid are now available @ KMADD

Male pose collections made with bloggers, models and photographers in mind.

KMADD Builds & Freebies

Runway sets by Maddox DuPont as seen @ MODAVIA Fashion Week 2011

Free hair, eyes and clothing from leading designers for men & KMADD


Showcasing new and established quality brands on monthly basis.


Hand picked by Maddox DuPont and Kirk Claymore – this area will host collection of “must-haves” from leading men’s clothing brands.

Coming soon…


For the first time in history of KMADD we will bring female fashion each season from leading couture designers.

Coming soon…

KMADD Lounge

Meet designers, enjoy chill tunes, see art from Second Life’s most talented photographers and artists.

Join KMADD Enterprise group for updates on events and exhibitions commencing shortly.

And here is MAD Image blog with a new look.

A little bit of color…

In truth, color is severely lacking in many wardrobes, and it’s such a shame. Wearing color can do amazing things for your skin tone, hair color, and overall appearance. While basic black will forever be a wardrobe staple, adding in a few more shades can spice up your wardrobe and add interest to your look.

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So Close Now…

I’ve got the streets memorized. I see the faces embedded in my mind. I can’t keep on fighting the urge go. I’ve got nothing in common with this town I’ve come to know. I am so close now to walking away. About to walk a path I’ve gotta take. I am packing up heading out. I can’t sleep I’m dreaming way too loud. I’m so close now, so close now to getting out.

The same old lines, the same routine .Nothing changes and that’s not good for me. I need a break. I need something new. I need to replace these old worn out broken shoes. I am so close now to walking away. About to walk a path I’ve gotta take. I am packing up heading out. I can’t sleep I’m dreaming way too loud. I’m so close now, so close now to getting out.

I’ve got that truck all loaded down. I should’ve known how hard it’d be leave this town. I am, so close now to walking away. About to walk a path I’ve gotta take. I am packing up heading out. I can’t sleep I’m dreaming way too loud. I’m so close now, so close now to getting out.

So Close Now – Eli Young Band

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Rock it!

Dressing like a Rock Star is really all about attitude! Styles favored by Rockers are often edgy, sometimes classic and quite often a mixture of both. The key is to have the right attitude to carry it all off so that you look confident rather than looking like you are trying too hard.

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MENStuff Hunt gift from KMADD

[ click to enlarge ]

MENStuff Hunters!

KMADD has been a proud sponsor of MENStuff Hunt from the beginning and Kirk and I would like to welcome you all to another installment of the only hunt for men on the grid.

To celebrate KMADD’s 5th year of providing quality appearance products for men in Second Life and thank you for your support over the years ~ we have a very special gift for you guys.

A complete MADesigns PREMIUM Shape Package!

Each MADesigns PREMIUM Shape comes with a shape, hair and eyes. All you need is to add skin and you are ready to go fellas!
Valued at $L1000 and exclusively designed for this hunt, you will be well equipped for everything you need to start your Second Life in style.

For those of you who already have a shape, we challenge you to try ours and experience the difference professionally made shape can make to your skin.

Each MADesigns Shape embodies 5 years experience of persistent tweaking and development that gives them unique individuality and realism that KMADD is famous for ~ it is what makes our shapes one of the best in Second Life and has been for over 5 years.

This particular shape is highly flexible and it will fit many skins without needing any adjustment at all. We chose medium build for this release as younger players historically have always loved height and more muscle (sorry hipsters ;-)).

We hope you enjoy it.

If you are looking for more individual look, KMADD has a number of different collections to suit everyone’s budget:


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Dia De Los Muertos KMADD Flickr Contest Winners

The Winners for KMADD’s Halloween Flickr Contest are:

(in order of appearance)

  • Parker Droverson
  • Mickey Preez
  • Cheeky Tubemouse
  • Sunshine Zhangsun


Please contact Maddox DuPont in-world to claim your choice of hair and eyes from MADesigns.


Tableau Vivant

In French, Tableau Vivant means “Living Picture”. Living pictures are in essence a display of life’s many layers. In all the surrounding layers, people long to be noticed, and what better way but to use layers to your advantage? With just a touch of layering in your look, you can add interest. Double shirts for men and women seem to be a trend in SL that is here to stay for a while. The crisp texturing with the organic shapes of the sculpted arm and doubled hem pieces make for quite a show in an effortless way.

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New Hair @ MADesigns | KMADD

Two fabulous new releases styled by our very own Eve Petlyakov. To see what is possible with MADesigns hair visit our newly created gallery on Flickr, showcasing works of some of the leading Second Life’s stylists and photographers.

If you have missed our last week’s releases for Men & Women they are listed at the end of this post.

Skins by Glam Affair.

All shapes and eyes featured on our hair vendors are also available for sale @ MADesigns store.


MADesigns @ KMADD


Search > Places > KMADD or MADesigns

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