“Devil” comes from diabolus, the Greek word diabollos which  means a slanderer, or accuser, and directly refers to the rebellion of the fallen angel and God’s judgment. In traditional black magic, demons have usually two shapes : a monstrous one and a pleasant one. The pleasant one can be a beautiful woman or an elegant good-looking man.

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HAIR: Wasabi Pills ~ Sebastian Mesh Hair

SKIN: Bad@zz ~ The Notorious – Tan – 8. Mustache & beard

EYES: REPULSE ~ Demonic v2 Eyes



HORNS: Wasabi Pills ~ Inferno Horns

WINGS: Material Squirrel ~ Demon Army ~ Black Tattered

OUTFIT: RFyre ~ Virtas Greco-Roman Armor Mens – Black

BOOTS: RFyre ~ Virtas Greco-Roman Boots Mens – Black

LEGS: Gauze ~ Demon Legs – Naturals

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