Make a show

Even though it’s winter, it is still in season to have fun with your outfit. Wear high fashion items and crazy hair to make an impression. Play with make up layers to create a new look. Remember to play around with fashion, create styles that you enjoy and remember to have fun.

STYLE TIPS: Remember back in the old days of secondlife where you could only wear one item on a clothing layer? Those were really rough times. I remember  getting bumped when a shirt only came in jacket layer or jeans in only a pant layer. Now times have changed. Most of the viewers now have an add option which allows you to add up to five items to a clothing layer. I use this a lot with my tattoo layers to mix and match different make ups or body parts. Remember to use the add function to create new looks that could not have been possible before.

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


HAIR: MADesigns ~ FIFI ~ Black VIII

HAIRBASE: LoQ Hairs ~Hairbase – Jet Black (Tattoo layer)

EYES: MADesigns ~  INDIVIDUAL – melancholy

SKIN: Tableau Vivant~ Vincent March ~ bald

EYEBROWS: Antebellum &Bean – Northern Lights brows (Tattoo layer)

FACEPAINT: CheerNo ~ NATIVE Hunter MakeUp (Tattoo layer)

LIPS: Pididdle ~ LipColor – Matte I have a Secret/ Teeth (Tattoo layer)


COLLAR: Tableau Vivant ~ Cyril ~ Collar

HARNESS: subVersion~ BLACK LEATHERS – h. harness

CORSET: Trashy Girls in Style ~ Sweet Nothings Noir Corset

PANTS: COX ~ Leather laces pants

BOOTS: Coco ~ EngineerBoots – Black

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