Home Is Where The Hearth Is

While winter has never been one of my favorite seasons, one of the benefits that cold weather brings is the arrival of winter clothes.  I love to capture the feel of the season in SL by utilizing all of my clothing layer options.  Layers help give an outfit depth and allow us to incorporate so many varying looks into an ensemble.  Throw a roaring fire into the equation and you can stay warm no matter how cold it looks outside!

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


HAIR: MADesigns ~ Logan – Dark Brown VI

SKIN: Ispachi ~ Michael – Tanned Mutton Chops with Freckles

EYES: MADesigns ~ Naturals -Blue Water Blue Eyes


JACKET: Pivaaca ~ Big Loose Knit Jacket Snow – Gray

SHIRT: Connors ~ Dot Shirt – Black

PANTS: Meriken Co. ~ Cell Pants – Green Cropped Hem

SHOES: FIR & MNA ~ Gumshoes Khaki – Mens

SOCKS: Pig ~ Argyle Sock M. Suspender – Antrim

BELT: Kari ~ Plain Black Belt

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