After being in SL for many year, I find that I already own most of the male items that I care to own. In a search for new items to wear, I checked out some of the many women’s stores to see what I could find that  would be unisex enough to add to my own inventory.  I added a few new pieces to my current collection to create somthing new for myself. Just because items are at a women’s store, does not mean they cannot be edited to  fit your shape.

STYLE TIPS: If you are worried about prims not being appropriate for male use, ask one of your girl friends about the items before you buy them. Chances are, if the items are from a popular store, they already own them and can let you know which clothing items will work and which will not.

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


HAIR: ARGRACE ~ Wild Curl – Dark Blonde (hat)

EYES: MADesigns ~ MUTATION – Dispersion


JACKET: [LeLutka] ~ SIERRA Coat – Dirt

SHIRT: INDI Designs ~ Knit Pullover – Beige

PANTS: JANE ~ Wide Leg Pant Loungers – Khaki

SHOES: Redgrave ~ Classic Loafers – Mokka

HAT: ARGRACE ~ Fedora – Dark Blonde/Wild Curl

SCARF: [LeLutka] ~ Editorial Scarf – White (tinted)

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