Le Style: Smart Casual

Dress codes are written and, more often, unwritten rules with regards to clothing. Clothing like other aspects of human physical appearance has a social significance, with different rules and expectations being valid depending on circumstance and occasion. The first dress code I would like to share is Smart Casual

Smart casual usually consists of a blazer or a sports jacket, a collared shirt, and dress trousers. A necktie is increasingly optional. Although suits technically fall into the formal category, some are casual enough to be considered smart casual instead. Smart casual footwear includes shoes and loafers, but not sneakers (trainers), or men’s sandals. Since the 1990s, this dress style has become increasingly acceptable in some business situations, though not all. Typical events where people put on Smart Casual are events with business purpose, “night on the town” and everyday wear.

This style features hair from Dura and outfit from Hoorenbeek.

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


HAIR: Dura ~ 26 – Black

SKIN: Bad@zz ~ Nougat – 1. No Facial Hair


EYES: MADesigns ~ ATTENTION – black and white


Jacket: Hoorenbeek ~ Blazer – Black

Tie: Hoorenbeek ~  Striped Ties – Black/Gold

Shirt: Hoorenbeek ~ Suit Shirt with Ties – White

Pants: Hoorenbeek ~ Pants 2.0 – Grey

Shoes: Hoorenbeek ~ Regal Shoes – Black

Glasses: Gos ~ SCT


Diesel Works – Yash

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