Second Life is a place where you can explore different styles that may not be on your radar in real life.  Find items that are modifiable and fit them together with other pieces from various designers. Add quirky pieces to make it your own.

STYLE TIPS: If you find items that are modifiable but do not come in the color you are looking for, try buying it in a light shade such as white or gray and then using the edit menu to tint it to the color you are looking for.

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


HAIR: LeLutka ~ Breeze – Toast

EYES: MADesigns ~ Mutation – Healthy


JACKET: E-Clipse ~ Urban Nexus Male (Jacket Only)

SWEATER: [pivaaca] ~ Homme Cache Coeur – Gray (Tinted Orange)

SHIRT: LeLutka ~ VIC Sweater – Khaki

PANTS: Connors ~ Buckle Back Jeans – Brown

SHOES: 2G ~ Soubresaut – Brown

HAT: LeLutka ~ Breeze – Toast

GLASSES: Artilleri ~ Buddy Glasses

BELT: MANDALA ~ Kookai Belt – Dark Brown

SCARF: Addict ~ Minnu Scarf – Frankincense

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