It makes the look –

A handful of items go a long way in an ensemble. It’s possible to be seen in less and still be covered from head to toe. Classic coloring and sleek lines are very pleasing to the eye no matter what route you go. Remaining traditional and looking onward can be done at the same time by utilizing items you may have never thought would work. What catches your eye most? It makes the look.

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HAIR&HAT: MADesigns ~ CHRIS velveteen F1 – Dark Brown VIII

SKIN: Belleza ~ Ashton – Pale – Bald (chest hair)

EYES: MADesigns ~ Nature Eyes – Aqualibrium

HAIRBASE: MADesigns HAIR ~ Hair Base – Dark Brown VIII

FACIAL HAIR: Jaryth’s Barbershop ~ 3D Prim Chops – Brown


JACKET: Hoorenbeek ~ Trenchoat – Mesh – Blue – S – 1

SHIRT: Hoorenbeek ~ Turtleneck for Coat – Mesh – Black – S

PANTS: COCO Homme ~ Geometric Print Pants – Blue

SHOES: Gos ~ Aviator Boot – Yeager – Black

SUNGLASSES: Ladies Who Lunch ~ Expressions Lenses – LOOK (Tinted)

GLOVES: 1st Act ~ Salute – ash (Tinted)

BAG: Old & New ~ Studs Purse – Black

RING: Je Suis ~ Eternelle ring (r) (gems and metal changed)

4 responses to “It makes the look –

  1. For what its worth – I have a trench coat pretty much identical to that – it’s a different designer..and the buttons are a black/silver/chrome type (depends on how the light is hitting)…but thats it.

    Nice blog

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