Okay, so out of my last four or five posts, there is probably only one or two that I would actually wear on a regular basis in SL or RL. So, I thought I would blog  one of my favorite things to wear as an everyday outfit; and also, show a new skin from Lulu Jameson and his store Vaya Con Dios (VCD).

STYLE TIP: Just because it’s SL, and we can wear anything we want, doesn’t mean you always have to. Look at your RL style and find great pieces in SL that mimic your RL wardrobe.

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


HAIR: MADesigns ~ Aaron – Light Brown I

SKIN: VCD ~ Rafael – Tone0/Shaved

EYES: MADesigns ~ Purpose – Moss



JACKET: PIVAACA ~ Pea Coat – Navy/Open

SWEATER: LELUTKA ~ Vic Sweater – Cornflower Blue

SHIRT: REDGRAVE ~ Classic Shirt – Bright

PANTS: NSD ~ Homme Jeans – Black



COAT RACK: WHAT NEXT ~ Winter Hat Stand – Winter Blue

BENCH: WHAT NEXT ~ Laurel Blanket Box & Book Pile

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