Cozy Chic

Even though it is winter, you can still dress chic and still be cozy. During the Winter layering is important. To add interest use bright colors like red and pink.

STYLE TIP: In Secondlife it is hard to find good hats with hair for men. A lot of times, we have to mod the hat to make it bigger to fit the hair, mod the hair to fit the hat, or just go with out hair in the first place. Here’s a tip for you. Buy a hair that already comes with a hat, in this case I am using MADesigns Boston Style. Once you get the hair fitted to your head, it’s time to mod. Before you do anything if the hair style allows, make a copy of it. Right click and edit the hair to bring up the build menu. Make sure you have the Edit Linked box checked. Select just the hat and size it down or add an alpha texture to the prims of the hat. This tip only works for hair that is mod. I also would not recommend doing this to hair that is no copy.

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


HAIR: MADesigns ~ BOSTON (fabric) – Dark Blonde IV (Modded)

SKIN: BIRTH ~ Thor skin – light/stubble



JACKET: ARMIDI ~ Classic Pinstripe Blazer – Red

SWEATER: PIVAACA~ Homme – CacheCoeur Layered set *White* Type B: Only Cardigan (inner) 1

SHIRT: IRUCO ~ Stripe shirt -sky/collar B

PANTS: FIR & MNA ~ The Sheehy Pants Navy 1

SHOES: 380 ~ Civil Boot v.2 – BICOLOR


GLOVES: REEK ~ Cozy Mittens – Black

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