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Once Upon A Time Shape collection & Fairytale Sim by KMADD


Once Upon a Time @ KMADD Events Sim is romantic fantasy escape created by Eve Petlyakov (KMADD Manager / Stylist & Photographer) with assistance of Maddox DuPont and will be open to public during March all up to Men’s Fashion Week.

We invite you to visit our sim and enjoy it’s fairytales.

You can also start creating your outifts for KMADD’s next big event ~ Once Upon A Time which is coming in March (date to be announced). Best dressed and Flickr competition will make your effort worth while.

To help inspire you here are some of the looks that our stylists have come up with.

Our Fantasy collection is currently on display at KMADD Events sim together with wonderful outfits from Bare Rose and romantic swings that you will find scattered around the sim can also be purchased at landing point.

Make sure you join our group for updates on the party details.

In this release, shapes were styled by Eve Petlyakovand Takeshi Ugajin.

All hair and eyes featured on our shape vendors are also available for sale @ KMADD.



If you are looking for a gift or prefer to shop on-line, visit KMADD on Marketplace.

Due to the nature of our products please enable mature content.

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One of the things I am super excited for is the new rush of mesh clothing for men. When mesh was first announcer I was unsure how I felt by it. I mean on one hand SL is moving forward and on another hand I knew it would talk male mesh items a little more time to grow. There is currently a survey out to help establish a Men’s Mesh Standard Sizing. There is already one in place for the woman but not for men. The survey  can be found Here.

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Revenge Of The Nerd

The revenge of the nerd is back with patterns and bowtie, but if like me you tend to shy away from patterns in RL, then SL can be a great platform to experiment and practice patterns on.

STYLE TIPS:  Start with simple patterns that you are comfortable with and find common traits between the patterns, like colour, pattern shapes or directional flow. Use plain colours between each item to help combine the individual patterned items, e.g belt, socks and jacket in this style. The Nerd look is never short of a bag or book but remember to round of the finishing touches with a pair of geeky glasses.

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