The Aviator

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HAIR: MADesigns ~SERGIO – Black

EYES: MADesigns ~ HONESTY – dark truth

SKIN: Egoisme ~ Evian –  Jordan Pale

SHAPE: MADesigns ~ Premium Shape – JESSE

TATTOO: AITUI ~ Koi Farm Colour

BEARD: Egoisme Addon Beard3 Black Hair


VEST:  Lapointe and BastChild ~ S’Wear  Aviator Leather Vest

BELT:  Lapointe and BastChild ~ S’Wear Mens “Biker Belt”

SUNGLASSES: LuTimez ~ Pricetag Sunglasses (silver)

TANK: Vitamen ~ Ribbed Cotton SHEER Tank_HamaSuna @ House

PANTS & BOOTS: Gabriel ~ :military Suit with Boots

TAPPED FIST: SiniStyle ~ Taped Fist


Diesel Works

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