Nice Day

KMADD is happy to introduce yet another new MAD Image Stylist: Liam Netizen.

Liam has been in the SL fashion industry for years. He is known for winning Mr. Virtual World 2009 as well writing his own fashion blog and modeling for various agencies including MAD Agency. Liam also runs an agency for Second Life children’s fashion and is quite the family man. His outlooks on life, family, and fashion are heartwarming and we are incredibly happy to have him on board.

Welcome to MAD Image Liam!

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


HAIR:  MADesigns HAIR ~ BRYN – Light Brown

EYES: MADesigns EYES NATURE ~ Green Heat

SKIN: Birth ~ Reese Skin (Pale)


JACKET: PHILO ~ Drew Jacket

JACKET PHILO ~ Seeker Sweater

PANTS: PHILO ~ Lance Slacks

SHOES: Adjunct ~ Lace-Up Boot

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