Revenge Of The Nerd

The revenge of the nerd is back with patterns and bowtie, but if like me you tend to shy away from patterns in RL, then SL can be a great platform to experiment and practice patterns on.

STYLE TIPS:  Start with simple patterns that you are comfortable with and find common traits between the patterns, like colour, pattern shapes or directional flow. Use plain colours between each item to help combine the individual patterned items, e.g belt, socks and jacket in this style. The Nerd look is never short of a bag or book but remember to round of the finishing touches with a pair of geeky glasses.

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


HAIR: MADesigns ~ ANDREI – Copper VII

EYES: MADesigns ~ Individual – Nostalgia

SKIN: Vaya Con Dios ~ Rafael – Tone1 – Shaved-Brown Hairbase 2 – Nobody hair


JACKET: Entente ~ Taureau Leather Jacket – Burgundy

SHIRT: Nerd Project ~ Round Neck Sweater 3 with Shirt and Bow Tie

PANTS: Sleepy Eddy ~ Houndstooth Pants with Belt – Brown

SHOES: Hoorenbeek ~ EarthKeeper ­Boots – Red/Beige with Socks

BAG: Tulip ~ Breakable – Sand

GLASSES: Alphavillain – Pistola Glasses

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