One of the things I am super excited for is the new rush of mesh clothing for men. When mesh was first announcer I was unsure how I felt by it. I mean on one hand SL is moving forward and on another hand I knew it would talk male mesh items a little more time to grow. There is currently a survey out to help establish a Men’s Mesh Standard Sizing. There is already one in place for the woman but not for men. The survey  can be found Here.

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


HAIR: MADesigns ~ TAISTO – Dark Brown VIII

HAIR BASE: MADesigns ~ Hair Base – Dark Brown VIII

BEARD: Jaryth’s Barber Shop ~ Chops – Dark Brown

EYES: MADesigns ~ INDIVIDUAL – iceman

SKIN: the body co ~Fox ~ 04 Medium bald


SWEATER: Entente ~Petit-Ami Sweater – Homme – L (Mesh)

SHORTS: AITUI ~Everyday Shorts ~ Carbon Fibre

SOCKS: Pig ~ Knee Sock Mit Suspenders – Black Sock

EARPLUGS: AITUI ~ Tiny Plugs – Fish Eye

SCARF: Entente ~ Depp Snood – Aqua

BOOTS: GOS ~ Docs V2 8 Hole – M – Red

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