Shaping Up

For this post I thought I would shape things up a little and mix and match a few items to great a more Advant Garde style. With plenty of choices and hair to boot don’t be afraid to venture into women’s items. Nothing is impossible with a bit of imagination.

STYLE TIPS:  Start with finding common traits in the shapes to merge the style, as shown here, bring together the spikes of the hair with the shoulder rods, not forgetting the smaller details like the ribbon from the boots. Straight lines can also be complimented by the curves taken from the lace edges of the pants, mesh mask, mesh arm band and the curvature in the hair.

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


HAIR: MADesigns ~ INES – Black II

HAIRBASE: MADesigns ~ Tintable Hair Base – Stripe 3

SKIN: Vaya Con Dios ~ Rafael – Tone Yin – Shaved – bald – Nobodyhair


PANTS: CheerNo ~ SIN. BEAST Pants

SHOES: Gos ~ Triumph Boots – Fem – Red

MASK: CheerNo ~ SIN. BEAST Mask

SHOULDER: CheerNo ~ Fight. DEX Jamb

ARM: CheerNo ~ SIN. BEAST Jamb

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