Leather Bound

If like me you love leather and want to step out of the typical black leather biker image, why not brighten your look and venture into other colours that you wouldn’t normally consider. This leather bound style is great for the casual spring nights.

STYLE TIPS:  Mix and match textures together to compliment each item, as shown with the line creases of the pants to the lines on the jacket. Drawing rich textures together in a look is just as important as combining the right colour variants and shades.

Leather Bound 1

Leather Bound 2

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


HAIR: MADesigns ~ TAKEYO – Light Brown III

HAIRBASE: MADesigns HAIR ~ Tintable Hair Base – Stripe 3

EYES: MADesigns ~ EYES_PURPOSE – alice blue

SKIN: FRUK ~ Knox skin shade 3 – The Gent – black bald

SHAVE: NANUK ~ per curled scruff black with sideburns


JACKET: Mr Poet ~ Flying Jacket – White

SHIRT: Mr Poet ~ 2in1 Knit Jumper /Shirt – Pink – No Belt Option

PANTS: sYs ~ ATLAS – sarouel M – hemp Natural

SHOES: FIR & MNA ~ The Citizen Boots Brown

SCARF: Mr Poet ~ Flying Jacket – White

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