ladies who lunch [spiked coffee]

I decided to post a version of my look for the Ladies Who Lunch show from MAD Agency so that everyone might be able to enjoy more of Faint Paulse’s wonderful creations. I hope you enjoy and take a look at the other Ladies Who Lunch posts from the Garden Party Al Fresco Show 🙂

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


HAIR: Vanity Hair ~ Milano – mesh- Brown hair and flexi worn

HAIR: R E M O R S E ~ 2 Braided -Cornrows-black

EYES: Tableau Vivant ~ Drop of water eye 01

LASHES: Miamai ~ NoAlpha Lash No17

SKIN: Meghindo’s ~ Leila – au naturelle – tan


JACKET: Ladies who Lunch ~Volga Shrug-french alps

PANTS: Ladies who Lunch ~ Laurella Pants -mesh lower pant only worn-brown leather

BELT: Ladies who Lunch ~ Clad belt with Sporran – MacAlpin gold

SHIRT: Ladies who Lunch ~ Sheer Shift – top/undershirt worn- natural leopard

NAILS: Mad’ ~ Mud Nails -size 10

MAKEUP: CheerNo ~ La Vita – pure 04

SHOES: Ladies who Lunch ~ Laurella Platforms – brown leather

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