Ordo Dracul



SKIN: Evian ~ Apollo – Pale (by Ramses Meredith)

EYES: MADesigns ~ INDIVIDUAL – Nostalgia & Vampire (by Maddox DuPont)

HAIR: Exile @ the Mens Dept  ~ Far Behind (by Kavar Cleanslate)

HANDS: Death Row Designs ~ demonhands male (by Jaimy Hancroft)

FACE TATTOO: REPULSE ~ Slashed Cheek Wound Tattoo (by Max Lexigle)

MOUTH: ContraptioN @ Horrorfest ~ The Carnivorous Jaw (by faust steamer)


JACKET: ContraptioN ~ Gavin Jacket (by faust steamer)

PANTS: Hoorenbeek ~ Pants – Black (by Ansor Hoorenbeek)

SHOES: Hoorenbeek ~ Military Boots – Black (by Ansor Hoorenbeek)

KATANA: The Covenant Realm ~Damnation : Blades of the Animus v1.5 (by wrheckz constantine)

KATANA ADD ON: The Covenant Realm @ Marketplace ~  Animus Style Add-on : ORDO DRACUL v1.0 (by wrheckz constantine) * Limited to 30 sets and available on Marketplace only.


Diesel Works (by Rogan Diesel)

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