KMADD Suggestion Box

If you have ideas or suggestions for KMADD this place is for you.

Leave us a comment and we will endeavor to bring to life the things you want to see more of.

Things to comment on:

  • MADesigns products
  • KMADD services
  • Store layout/Ease of use
  • KMADD vendor system
  • MAD Image blog
  • Products you would like to see
  • New releases in Men’s Fashion area
  • MAD Image photography studio
  • Anything else you believe it is relevant

7 responses to “KMADD Suggestion Box

  1. It seems to me that a lot of the hairstyles are being more and more similar. While the mohawk is great for partying, I miss the other styles a bit. Perhaps a fauxhawk as opposed to more mohawks would be nice.

    Other than that, the only complaint I have is perhaps the layout of the store. Even with the TP boards, it’s hard to navigate from one point to the other. Perhaps more TP stations?

    • Thank you for your feedback Sylar…

      You would be pleased to know that we have simplified main teleport system and added smaller version in all departments on our store thanks to your feedback.

      We have also started to make new styles, classic styles are back @ KMADD in a big way. Check out our most recent releases.

      I have fauxhawk planned – if you would like any other styles made please leave links to images in this post. We will review them and if they are possible to make in SL and suit MADesigns Image we certainly would consider them for our future releases.

  2. hello i love you product but i awoud like you doign something about the lag is terrible , but shapes and hair are my favorite good job!! oxoxox

    • Thanks for your feedback JR and kind comments regarding our products…

      In regards to lag, we are frequently restarting the sim, once a day if possible. Depends when you are visiting you may experience difference in lag each time. Peak times are often very laggy as there are more people on the sim, this is something that we can not help as it is SL performance related.

      With our new store redesign we have used small resolution textures, texture optimization (when you have several textures within one texture – like for our hair colors – and use off set to display each) and repeated textures which should help lag quite a bit. Unfortunately, due to sheer amount of products that we have (example: unique textures for shapes) lag would always be there in some shape or form but we have certainly ensured it is minimized as much as possible. This is the reason we had to get rid of KMADD City in our renovations.

  3. Great products, Love the International men, however I cant find the hair on the USA – “Kyle” in your line up. Ive been searching everywhere for a high and tight military style or a short flat top similar to the “kyle” prefer color options in lt. brown or blonde.

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