KMADD releases for THE 24 – exclusives & gachas

KMADD Hair ~ TROY ~ Black & Blonde

KMADD Hair ~ TROY ~ Blonde & Black

KMADD Hair ~ TROY ~ Brown & Blonde

KMADD Hair ~ TROY ~ Red & Blonde

KMADD Hair ~ TROY ~ Multi-Color

KMADD Hair ~ LUCAS ~ Black & White

KMADD Hair ~ LUCAS ~ Brown & Blonde

KMADD Hair ~ LUCAS ~ Red & Intense Red

KMADD Hair ~ LUCAS ~ Silver & White

KMADD Hair ~ LUCAS ~ Yellow & Pink

KMADD Hair ~ TAS ~ Black & Blue

KMADD Hair ~ TAS ~ Black & Green

KMADD Hair ~ TAS ~ Black & Orange

KMADD Hair ~ TAS ~ Black & Pink

KMADD Hair ~ TAS ~ Black & Yellow

KMADD Hair ~ CAM Club Black ~ AQUA

KMADD Hair ~ CAM Club Black ~ BLUE

KMADD Hair ~ CAM Club Black ~ GOLD

KMADD Hair ~ CAM Club Black ~ GREEN

KMADD Hair ~ CAM Club Black ~ MAROON

KMADD Hair ~ CAM Club Black ~ PINK

KMADD Hair ~ CAM Club Black ~ RED

KMADD Hair ~ CAM Club Black ~ SILVER

KMADD Hair ~ CAM Club Black ~ SKY

KMADD Hair ~ CAM Club Black ~ YELLOW

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KMADD is proud sponsor of Siren Productions THE 24 Event happening from today will the end of the month – one week only! Experience events, fashion shows and 4 sims of limited editions, gachas and rare items – male & female, poses, home.

Read press release here.

For THE 24 KMADD is releasing 4 new hair styles (one of them mesh) which have been hand textured with wild color combos that you will not find in our natural hair color release that will follow at the end of the event in our main store.

Gacha’s are TRANSFER and priced at only 70L – play to get CAM hair or rare item: TROY Multi-Color.

Our limited releases only 50 to be sold are: TROY Black & Blonde & LUCAS Black & White.

So hurry and get to the event and purchase some unique items that not many people will have.

Visit KMADD @ THE 24

For your chance to WIN Free HAIR join KMADD Enterprise group in-world and LIKE KMADD page on Facebook.



If you are looking for a gift or prefer to shop on-line, visit KMADD on Marketplace.

Due to the nature of our products please enable mature content.

If product is not listed IM Maddox DuPont for personable delivery.

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kmadd Hair


kmadd Hair

kmadd Hair

kmadd Hair

KMADD Sponsored… The 24

The 24

The 24
August 23rd-31st, 2013

24 Amazing Menswear Designers…
24 Wonderful Womenswear Designers…
24 Fabulous Home Designers…
24 Marvelous Pose Designers…
1 Week…

Will you be able to snap up all these hot limited edition exclusive finds?

AVENUE, Designing SL, KMADD, The Nest, and The Gay Archipelago along with Siren Productions are excited to bring you The 24. This wonderful event takes place August 23rd-31st, 20131. 24 amazing menswear, womenswear, home, and pose designers have come together by invitation only to create Exclusive Limited Edition Outfits, Furniture, and Poses. Joining them are 8 prominent Skin Designers, 8 Accessory Designers, and 8 Hair Designers creating limited edition exclusive hair, skins, and accessories all for the men and women of Second Life!

Join us for the Men’s opening fashion show on August 23rd, 2011 12-1pm SL and the Women’s opening fashion show on August 24th 6-7pm SL as we display all of the Exclusive Limited Edition Outfits on the Runway. Our home designers are preparing special vignettes to show off all their creative collections. Our pose designers are creating special props and pose sets for everyone for all those special photo moments. We have a load of treats in store including industry parties with all of our Media Partners KMADD, AVENUE, Designing SL, Gay Archipelago, Blithe, The Nest, and many more. Wonderful exclusive fashion shows, entertainers, and great events are just the tip of the ice berg!

Be distinctive, show your own personal style in your clothing, home decor, and photos. Be an original! All of the outfits, home items, and pose sets you see will be up for sale with only 110 being produced. 100 to be sold to the general public, 5 for bloggers & magazines, and 5 for models. You can find more details on the event including, interviews with some of the designer, participants, calendar, and all the latest details at Siren Productions.

We hope to see everyone there!

Lexie Jansma & Alon Alphaville
Siren Productions CEO

Bodies of Distinction: Sculpting Your Unique Shape

Sunday 24th June @ 4PM SLT Maddox DuPont (owner of KMADD and a creator of award winning MADesigns Shapes) will be a guest at Avenue Models Academy presenting Bodies of Distinction: Sculpting Your Unique Shape.

With MAD Agency model search just around the corner this is your unique opportunity to get an expert advice on your look and get most out of your avatar.

The course will cover:
•    Importance of an avatar in Second Life
•    What makes a shape unique?
•    Realism Vs Fantasy – which one are you?
•    Debug settings – changing default camera position for edit appearance

•    Common shape imperfections: chin, crotch, torso, neck, ears
•    Working with quality shape base
•    Body proportions
•    Shape values limitations
•    Shape values combinations

•    Face Structure
•    Jaw line
•    Eyebrows
•    Facial Hair & Body Hair
•    Make up
•    Tattoo
•    Hair Base
•    Teeth
•    Eyelashes
•    Piercings
•    Use of body fat

•    Adjusting shape to outfit
•    Adjusting shape to hair
•    Adjusting shape to skin
•    Tips and Tricks of editing in appearance – exiting appearance to check eyes and shape proportions
•    Creating outfits and final shape adjustments

•    Correcting your shape
•    The one simple secret to unique shape

To enroll in this class please visit this link for more details.

Maddox DuPont is owner of KMADD ~ Appearance & Style brand in Second Life. Together with his partner Kirk Claymore, Maddox was responsible for creation of KMADD City (Shopping Mecca for Men). Maddox currently works as a creative director for MAD Agency (Boutique Modeling Agency) and is the sole creator behind KMADD brand which offers: hair, shapes, eyes, poses, skins and complete avatars for both male and female. Maddox has also worked as a fashion editor for various magazines in the past and currently manages MAD Image style blog. Winner of GLANCE Fashion Awards in 2012 for Best Shapes, Maddox has been designing avatars for nearly 6 years, helping experienced and new residents to achieve unique and polished look.

MWFW ~ KMADD Releases

KMADD is proud sponsor of Menswear Fashion Week 2012 once again this year.

These are KMADD’s Menswear Fashion Week releases…

Best in fashion styled by our very own MAD Image stylists. We bring you our favoutire looks from MAD Image blog in-world, as part of KMADD’s generous packs which include: shape, hair, eyes and style. Just add clothing and you are STYLE ready!

In this release, shapes were styled by Takeshi Ugajin, Boe Cortes, Zachary Zufreur, Divos Titanium and Jax Aster. Check out their other posts by following the links.

You can purchase these shapes @ Menswear Fashion Week KMADD store.

All hair and eyes featured on our shape vendors are also available for sale @ KMADD.



If you are looking for a gift or prefer to shop on-line, visit KMADD on Marketplace.

Due to the nature of our products please enable mature content.

We are releasing new items weekly, stay ahead of the rest by joining KMADD Enterprise Group in-world or subscribe to our blog.


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MADesigns Hair @ Modavia Fashion Week

MADesigns Hair was featured today at MODAVIA Fashion Week as part of SyS show. I loved the work Dahlia Joubert has done styling them. I am sure you would find your own twist to it. Pre-release for all these styles in black can be purchased at MODAVIA Boutique. Once fashion week is over I will be releasing 23 female couture hair styles and some hair for guys.


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MODAVIA Fashion Week one day to go!

[ click to enlarge ]

KMADD is an official and proud sponsor of MODAVIA Fashion Week.

This year, MODAVIA has invited me to build set and provide music playlists for each show. MADesigns | KMADD will also be launching our Female Couture hair Collection comprising of 23 hair styles ( + one free for MODAVIA group members) and 23 accompanying shapes which you will be able to see in action on stage, during the upcoming week.

After many sleepless nights leading up to the huge week ahead of us that is starting tomorrow, I will be happy to see it all come to fruition and looking forward to sleep at the end.

I have made over 20 fashion sets in past 3 weeks – only 8 of which will be seen and you must not miss them! I hope you can join us and just to tease you a little bit as I can not give out much till the actual shows are done – check out these pretties…