New KMADD ~ our rennovations are now complete!

After a short break from SL, KMADD is back!

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Our welcome area has new releases accessible at your finger tips, easy to use teleport for various departments, social media, group joiner and hunts, events and freebies.

New KMADD_004

To celebrate opening of KMADD we got a free hair for female and soon for male available to our visitors. Watch this space for monthly giveaways – KMADD Enterprise group members ONLY.

New KMADD_002

KMADD is well known brand for hair in Second Life and offers styles for both male and female: couture hair, hawks, hair bases, classic styles, short hair etc.

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Our Complete Avatar collections is ever growing – join KMADD Enterprise group for future updates.
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Glam Affair skins hand picked by KMADD are currently available @ KMADD with many more to come.
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TRON Collection and Fantasy collections are currently features as special collections in our store. International Men collection will return soon!

New KMADD__002

Male & Female poses for all your modelling needs.

Mesh ready poses are coming soon.

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KMADD has the most comprehensive collection of shapes in Second Life.

All our shapes come with KMADD hair and eyes + style!

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For new players it is often hard to discover new fashion stores, this is why KMADD is the best place to go for shapes that come with complete style card to get the look you like in an instant.

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New KMADD__004

Over the years KMADD has won numerous fashion awards, was featured in ELLE Magazine and Maddox DuPont has made numerous shapes for celebrities entering SL.

New KMADD__008

KMADD Lounge is the new place to dance or relax while you read a fashion magazine or are listening to our stream.

Weekly sessions with DJ AFI are coming soon at KMADD.

Also check out one of MAD Agency runways and subscribe to KMADD Enterprise group for MAD Agency will be back with new shows very soon.

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Ladies Who Lunch ~ Post show notes


Client: Ladies Who Lunch (LWL) by Faint Paulse

Models: MAD Agency

Show coordinator: Jax Aster (MAD Agency Director)

Show host: Devine Hunt

Collection notes: Driveme Oppewall

Runway design/ Music: Maddox DuPont (MAD Agency Art Director)

Special Mentions: Eve Petlyakov & Winter Jefferson for their work on the balloons and Jax Aster for a beautiful garden at the back of the manor.

Location: KMADD Events sim

Complete collection seen during the show is available inside the manor.


coming soon…


Fashion show photos & photos of the entire collection are available on KMADD Flickr ~ preview highlights below or view larger complete slide show version.

[ click images to get a closer look ]


At MAD Agency we believe that carefully selected music sets the right mood and atmosphere for the show and clothing presented. Our eclectic collection is sure to keep you interested and on the edge of your seat, enhancing your experience of the show and lifting the energy even in a virtual space.

[ click on image to enlarge ]

MAD Agency Info

If you would like MAD Agency to produce a show for you please contact Jax Aster with your requirements. Here is the list of some of our previous clients.

MADesigns Hair @ Modavia Fashion Week

MADesigns Hair was featured today at MODAVIA Fashion Week as part of SyS show. I loved the work Dahlia Joubert has done styling them. I am sure you would find your own twist to it. Pre-release for all these styles in black can be purchased at MODAVIA Boutique. Once fashion week is over I will be releasing 23 female couture hair styles and some hair for guys.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

MODAVIA Fashion Week one day to go!

[ click to enlarge ]

KMADD is an official and proud sponsor of MODAVIA Fashion Week.

This year, MODAVIA has invited me to build set and provide music playlists for each show. MADesigns | KMADD will also be launching our Female Couture hair Collection comprising of 23 hair styles ( + one free for MODAVIA group members) and 23 accompanying shapes which you will be able to see in action on stage, during the upcoming week.

After many sleepless nights leading up to the huge week ahead of us that is starting tomorrow, I will be happy to see it all come to fruition and looking forward to sleep at the end.

I have made over 20 fashion sets in past 3 weeks – only 8 of which will be seen and you must not miss them! I hope you can join us and just to tease you a little bit as I can not give out much till the actual shows are done – check out these pretties…

Dazzlers Dancers Machinima by Maddox DuPont

Our live machinima from Modavia’s POP ART 2010 fashion show which was opened by Dazzler Dancers was proved to be popular that we decided to invite girls back for a proper shoot, lag free. Filming machinima is never lag free I realized but from 5 takes we took on the day, I managed to piece this little video together. It was a great pleasure meeting girls again and I suggest that if you like this video to join their group and see them live. They are amazing! Set design and Machinima by Maddox DuPont. Complete looks shown here were provided by Modavia’s own Dhalia Joubert. Music: Scissor Sisters ~ Any Which Way. Enjoy!

Watch larger version of this video and in HD on Vimeo.

I also created short video on Flickr so to capture the set I built for this show before it gets dismantled. I made few dance videos which will be published in few days. Turn HD on for better quality.

MODAVIA Pop Art 2010 Machinimas

MODAVIA in association with MAD Agency had show over the weekend @ KMADD Events sim. I managed to capture some of the footage but proper machinimas are yet to come. Enjoy my retro build, few designs from the show and dazzler dancers.

For Larger HD versions of these videos visit: KMADD @ Vimeo.

MAD Agency Shows of 2008

2008 was a fantastic year for MAD Agency, MAD Agency is part of KMADD Enterprise and is located at KMADD City. We had such a great time organising fashion shows that mesmerised and entertained both our audience as well as our designers.

In this post you will find photos of MAD Agency fashion sets and link to each one of the shows. We will also give you tips that can help reduce lag and enjoy your next Second Life show better.

But before all that, here is the list of upcoming shows for January 2009:

– GRAVES Latex & leather – fetish clothing

– MECHANISM – Male and Female Urban clothing

– LBD – Lucious gowns


And now to help you on your next visit…


– SECOND LIFE PERFORMANCE – Defragment drive, empty cache and relog

– SYSTEM PERFORMANCE – Close all other applications, apart from SL

– REDUCING LAG – Deactivate gesture, voice, remove AO once you are seated and wear clothing that has low rendering cost and possibly low prim

– REDUCE CRASHES – any inventory activity like opening textures, note cards or using search and even trying to IM someone can cause crash

– ARRIVE EARLY – this will ensure that all clothing will load for you when the show begins. It is much harder to load when sim is getting full. Arrive 45 to 30 minutes before the show as our sim fills up within 10 minutes. Our sim is set usually at 60 – 80 people depending on the SL performance on the day and number of prims contained in collection (more people means less likelihood  models are going to be able to successfully attach all their clothing prims)

– MUSIC – although it can also slow performance MAD Agency shows must be viewed with music turned on upon arrival. We spend considerable amount of time in selecting Music score to go with each one of our shows – this creates atmosphere and sets the mood to experience the show as it was intended.

– FOCUSING ON MODELS – Looking at the audience instead of models will slow your rendering rate. Focus your camera on the models instead.


MAD Agency Fashion Sets

MAD Agency is famous for their lavish and intricate fashion sets.

Our runways are always created with the designer’s request in mind and with great consideration for the clothing that will be on display during the show. You have never seen so much effort put into each and every fashion show.

Sets that are rich in detail, often grand, and with no prim spared make these runways one of a kind. All aspects of the performance are carefully planned – music, costumes for announcers, right up to the build itself – they all come together to create a unique atmosphere that will surely transport you to different place and time.

Come with us on a journey of new and exciting discoveries…


Client: a.C Store

Designer’s brief: build that would suit urban line of clothing with darker subdued colors

Result: stylised tube, metro, train station with bright colors to contrast dark clothing, monitors, seats, moving track & walls, glow, hyperspace inspired and semi-futuristic design. Announcers platform features black and white map of 6 fashion cities. MAD Agency’s final show for 2008.

Set design: Maddox DuPont

Photos from the show: a.C Store

Client: MUISM

Designer’s brief: urban war ~ construction, deconstruction, destruction

Result: another set of urban immersion, concrete, explosion, super hero themes, dirt but no grunge, fortress with circular runway

Set design: Maddox DuPont

Photos from the show: MUISM


Client: Frozen Turquoise Valentine

Designer’s brief: clean winter runway with audience kept invisible and in the dark based on RL runway of Alexander McQueen

Result: 3 part set – huge cube in the room with audience on 3 sides, exposed cube revealing white tree, stars, fog and faun that intro the show, finally room becomes completely dark with audience unable to see each other from each side (lag reducing) and tree, stage and models the only thing visible

Set design: Maddox DuPont

Photos from the show: FTV

Client: Alphamale & Blacklace (joint show)

Designer’s brief: open brief ~ still set needed to accommodate lingerie and more conservative male brand as well as be suitable to fall

Result: Warm color rich interiors juxtaposed against cold exterior of gardens with parallel 2 runways and staircase. Interiors reflected masculine and feminine influences done in European style (French, English and Italian influences)

I would also like to acknowledge Thora Charron and Minnu Palen who have inspired this set with their editorial called Sister’s act featured in the first issue of GLAMsl Magazine.

Set design: Maddox DuPont

Photos from the show: Alphamale & Blacklace

Client: Baiastice ~ Attitude II (3rd show with MAD Agency)

Designer’s brief: Madonna’s RAIN video, water, metal, minimal, with thunder skies

Result: Abstract video reproduction with reflections, mercury rain drops and moving thunder skies.

Set design: Maddox DuPont

Photos from the show: Baiastice

Client: KMADD swimwear group show

Designer’s brief: surf, beach and paradise

Result: immersive nearly quarter sim size build with waves, splashes, rocks to sit on and complete with nature sounds

Set design: Maddox DuPont

Photos from the show: KMADD Swimwear Show

Client: PunchDrunk & ICING (3rd show with MAD Agency for ICING)

Designer’s brief: open brief

Result: Sexy sleek modern Asian influence runway with the touch of glam

Set design: Maddox DuPont

Photos from the show: PunchDrunk & ICING

Client: Leezu Bexter Designs (3rd show with MAD Agency)

Designer’s brief: Film Noir and Art Deco

Result: 1/4 sim size set enclosed black and white city with moving skies with main building only in color. Inside Art Deco ballroom complete with custom made textures and furniture.

Set design: Maddox DuPont

Photos from the show: LBD

Client: AC Store

Designer’s brief: black & white, sleek & modern, futura…

Result: Odyssey 2001 inspired set

Set design: Maddox DuPont

Photos from the show: a.C Store

Client: group underwear show

Designer’s brief: Greek or Roman, ruins, heavenly, classical, to suit guys wearing underwear and angel wings

Result: Roman build set in clouds

Set design: Maddox DuPont

Photos from the show: KMADD Underwear show

Client: Frozen Turquoise Valentine

Designer’s brief: something loungy, clubbish, rich in color, must have purples and pinks, dark

Result: Inspired by colorful lounge culture of Melbourne (Australia)

Set design: Maddox DuPont

Photos from the show: FTV

Client: Trendy & Company

Designer’s brief: Paris by night

Result: well Paris by Night is what they got

Set design: Maddox DuPont

Photos from the show: Trendy & Company

Client: Baiastice

Designer’s brief: set suitable for swimwear, art deco

Result: Titanic inspired built with deck, island and Art Deco elements

Set design: Maddox DuPont

Photos from the show: Baiastice

Client: ICING

Designer’s brief: French country

Result: Shabby chic interiors (home) & Mediterranean courtyard

Set design: Maddox DuPont

Photos from the show: Icing


Designer’s brief: Italian Carnivale Build

Result: Eyes Wide Shut (the movie) baroque set

Set design: set was originally built by TracyLynne Carpenter (gift from Maddox DuPont and Tracy to Kirk Claymore for his birthday ~ our famous EYES WIDE SHUT Masquerade Ball)

Maddox DuPont appropriated the building and interior for Baiastice’s Carnivale Show

Photos from the show: Baiastice

Client: Leezu Bexter Designs

Designer’s brief: Sim Opening Fashion Show, Art deco with modern elements

Result: texture rich double runway build

Set design: Maddox DuPont

Photos from the show: LBD

Client: MUISM

Designer’s brief: something very MUISM – “we trust you Maddox and leave it all up to you”

Result: unfortunately, photos of the original set have been lost – this is after party area designed with same textures, metallic, warm browns and lights were very MUISM

Set design: Maddox DuPont

Photos from the show: MUISM

Client: The Zoo

Designer’s brief: set to suit adventure wear

Result: African Safari Set

Set design: Kirk Claymore

Photos from the show: The Zoo

And if you are interested in attending MAD Agency show in 2009 please join KMADD Enterprise Group ~ notices for all our future shows and designer show bags are sent via this group.

See you in 2009!


Wonderland is gone all that is left is sweet memories…

Very Special thanks to: Surrealia Anatine who has filmed the beauty of my build.

HUGE Thanks goes to the following individuals that made this dream possible:
– Giancarlo Takacs for 2 sims at wonderful Costa Rica
– Vitrail Illios from New Trails for his amazing vegetation
– TracyLynne Carpenter – for bits and pieces for Alice – tea party and shoe house were simply amazing
– Artoo Magneto – for Lucky tree friends
– Cheerno Destiny from A.c Store for designing Kirk Claymore’s costume
– Juwan Lane from JuJu’s Closet for designing Maddox DuPont’s Cheshire Cat skin.
Eve Petlyakov and Aldero Akami for their magnificent photography.

Thank you guys! We Love you!

To see images of incredible costumes from Alice in Wonderland event, please visit KMADD Flickr Group.

Happy Rezz Day Kirksy!