Maddox DuPont Interview for GLANCE Magazine

Maddox DuPont was features on the cover of this months issue (April 2011) GLANCE Magazine.

Hello Maddox! Tell me a little about you. Where are you from? What do you do in Second Life?

I live in Melbourne, Australia. In Second Life, my partner Kirk and I own KMADD Enterprise which specialises in appearance based products and fashion/style services. In addition I love to build for MAD Agency shows and KMADD Events, get involved in Second Life charity work, and help new brands grow and develop their business.

I know that you are running several businesses under KMADD Enterprise. Could you explain to us which are they and what do they offer (MADesigns, etc.)?

KMADD Enterprise or simply KMADD, is the name for a conglomerate of several product and service based businesses. MADesigns, which is our product based brand, offers mostly avatar based products like shapes, hair, eyes and poses. Other service based aspects of KMADD Enterprise are MAD Agency, MAD Image and MAD Studio Photography.

MAD Agency is a boutique model management company that provides top models & style services to photographers, advertisers, designers and production companies in Second Life. Our focus has always been on quality over quantity therefore we are very selective about projects we choose to produce and people we employ.
MAD Image which consist of blog and styling services provides style inspiration and appearance/personal style assistance to Second Life residents.
Where did you find inspiration to name your different ventures?

Well originally I started out as a photographer and my studio was based on my SL name – MAD Studio. I then moved to making clothing for a very brief and embarrassing moment and this is how MADesigns brand was born. I then used the same brand for shapes and all other products, and once I met Kirk, we added K in front of MAD which is how KMADD came about. It actually all started as a joke as this was the time when tabloids referred to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as “Brangelina” therefore Kirk, my marketing genius, thought it would be cool if we combined our names together. So we tried number of combinations and KMADD was the one we liked the best.

MADesigns is mostly known for its shapes and then recently for the poses and hair collections. Do you remember the first item you ever designed?

My first item was actually a T-shirt.

I made whole collection of T-shirts using my RL artwork and sold them for a while under MADesigns brand, until I realised they all needed to be made in an untucked version. It was a “Doh!” moment. Around that time I started playing with shapes, so the clothing project – which was not doing well – was completely abandoned so I could focus only on shapes. I found it inspiring to bring characters to life by combining other people creations. It was also a time when there was not many male clothing stores and Kirk and I saw this as an opportunity to focus on exposing men to the fashion that is available and to encourage them to dress well, which would hopefully motivate designers to create more for men as well.

The first shape I ever made was actually never sold in my store. The same night I finished it, I remember being in MAD Studio trying some clothing from Form and Dessert Moon, when this guy came in wanting photos for his alt. He said he just broke up with his girlfriend on his main account and he wanted to create a hot avatar to seduce her. He heard that I do good photos and help people with their appearance, which I was doing a lot of at that time – helping people with their shapes and style before taking their photos. He then offered 10,000L for my shape and everything I was wearing, so I took him shopping and helped him piece it all together. He was very happy and told me that I should sell avatars. This is how the idea for style cards was born.

Do you remember the feelings when people did start to buy your products?

It’s always exciting when you create something and people find value in it enough to buy it. I think ideas are driven by your passion but if you can have both passion and monetary reward for your time and effort it can become a powerful motivator to continue creating.

I know that there are quite a few people in Second Life who think that this is just a game and that everything in Second Life should be for free and we should just do it for fun. This I’ve observed over the years is typical mindset of a person who copybots or wears stolen items. What these guys do not understand is that all creation costs someone both time and money; for many people and for whatever reason Second Life could be the only source of income and stealing from them you steal from their dependants and their livelihood.

Second Life would not look as good as it looks today if it was not for creators and customers who reward their time and effort by buying their products.

When I sold my first item I felt valued and that somehow I am contributing in some meaningful way to the overall wonderful community of Second Life.

KMADD is often referred to as the mecca of virtual fashion. What do you think got you this title? How do you both feel about your success story?

Fashion has always been an integral part of our business, as mentioned before by supporting other designers through what we do – everyone benefits. The customer can locate sometimes hard to find stores. The designer gets exposure and we have fantastic fashion at our disposal to use in creation of someone’s avatar. I believe that our dedication to the growth of male fashion through creation of KMADD City which at the time was hosting over 150 leading brands for men in one convenient location, has been somewhat a contributing factor in perception of KMADD brand. I am not sure if perception of KMADD being “mecca of fashion” is still there however, as new people have logged in and KMADD City does not exist any more.
Although, for anyone who has visited KMADD, since that change would see that we still continue to expose people to new and quality brands for men, through ever dynamic fashion section NEW RELEASES in Men’s Fashion (our little ever changing male fashion department store) and of course Designer showcase which features new designer bi-monthly, who often bring ever needed, want it! must have it! exclusive items, available only at KMADD.

Our success story is surreal to me. I think it is good that way. It allows you to focus on the things you love doing even more and that’s what it is all about for me. When you love what you are doing, it shows and people buy into it because of that. The most important thing is to never stop believing and to continue to do things you love till you achieve success. The funny thing is, when you get there you won’t even care or notice it, because you took the journey and there is no greater success than that.

What would you say sets you apart from other shape, poses and hair stores?

What KMADD does in everything that we create is to think like a customer, what a customer wants and needs. We make things available and keep things simple. We are also focussed on giving customer the best value for money,  always lots of love goes back to the people that support our work through: hunts, group freebies and participating in various charity events. Great customer service is what we are really focussed on. Providing you have a quality product,  your brand will gain a good reputation quickly if you can make each and every customer that walks out of your store happy.

Which product do you find the hardest to produce and why?

Hair can be tricky, especially short men’s hair, especially if it is high detail. And to my detriment, I often do both. It is extremely time consuming and it is kind of work that does not stop once the hair is made.

I think creating is an easy part in SL, it is part that every designer loves. Getting the item from when it is created to when it appears on the wall available for a customer to buy, has been promoted to every possible social network, blog, marketplace etc. is the most tedious work for every designer I am sure.

I personally, do not cope well with repetitive tasks but thanks to my wonderful manager Eve Petlyakov, whom I can trust with my full perm inventory, my life in SL for the past 12 months has been made far more pleasant.

You proudly state that you bring real personality into your shapes and help assert the fashion identity of avatars in SL through poses and hair as well. Are your SL skills related to your real life skills ?

I always had an eye for detail and I am no stranger to style. I get my creative side from my parents and have pursued studies in RL in this area. I also managed people in Real Life for many years and worked in customer service for nearly 20, so I definitely have good skill set when it comes to business and dealing with people. Kirk has a passion for marketing, so all these were important skills to have in addition to creative ideas and our ability to bring them to life.

Who are some of your favourite SL fashion designers?

There are so many great designers in Second Life and so many that I probably have never heard of as yet but do an amazing work. This is what is so wonderful about Second Life, you are always discovering great creations regardless how long you’ve been here.

But I will pick my 2 brands, not based on what I like to wear but on work I admire, that has made me dream, and inspired my collections.  Of course I mean no offence to other designers who have not been mentioned here.

LeLutka – simply amazing style, marketing and products. Sisters and their team through massive amounts of hard work over the years, have created many memorable fashion moments/images that have made me proud to call my self a Second Life creator.

Cheerno – Cheerno is an absolute creative bomb with every collection. His work is always fun, inspiring and absolutely “out there”.

It is no surprise to me that both LeLutka and Cheerno won Glance Fashion Awards recently. They look after their customers, have amazing following due to that and great products to back them up. Knowing both Minnu and Cheerno when they were just starting their brands it is truly a proud moment for me to see them succeed and be acknowledged in some way.

Are you working on new products actually?

I try to release something each week, depending on my other projects. I do build a lot and I love doing that, so that bites a big chunk of my time. New poses will be coming for Pose Fair, new hair for Hair Fair, and new Complete Avatars collection in collaboration with new skin designers is something I am really looking forward to.

What are your future plans for MADesigns?

We have been neglecting the female section of MADesigns for a while, so this year female hair will be our main focus as well as a revival of female shapes collection. Thalia Jie is back and does styling for MADesigns female shapes and is my eyes and ears in female fashion. Having her back will allow to expand the female section of MADesigns and perhaps even bring few female designers to KMADD.

The best compliment you received so far?

I actually save compliments when I get them and over the years I collected quite a few – they are in my SENTIMENTAL folder. No, seriously they are!

I could never pick compliments based on how good they are, as even simple “I love your hair” would do it for me. Knowing people appreciate what I do is the best part of my job and truly touches my heart each time.

When you get a feedback on your product, you think great it works!
When you get a feedback on you service you feel yeah I successfully connected with my customer and provided the service they are happy with.
However, when people love certain experience you created for them which can be anything from KMADD party to MAD Agency Fashion Shows, I think those are the best compliments to have. Here are the few that stood out…

“Maddox, I have to tell you.. this build.. it touches something.. resonates in my soul…. it makes me emotional somehow.. the incredible detail and the things you put here.. I am more than just transported or immersed.. something is awakened from when I was a small kid and I experience this build like no other.. thank your for a singularly amazing experience in this spectacular creation.. being associated with you and just knowing you is always an awe inspiring experience.
Seriously, I could cry at thinking of this being destroyed”

“The build is magical. You know, you are a man of remarkable talents. When you think about it, all we really have at the end are memories and you have created some of the most magical and enduring memories that people could have. Your quite remarkable. When I’m an old old lady, I know I’m going to look back with smile on my virtual world days, and remember Kirk’s “Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party” … and the rabbit … and all the amazing people who have dressed up and I will smile gently and say … *thank you Maddox*”

Now is time for the bad question… What is your worst customer experience as of now?

Anyone running their store in Second Life would have a share of their horror stories and they are never fun to listen to unless you like to get angry. To be fair sometimes these conflicts are driven by merchant as well as customers.

Even though I have over 20 years in customer service, I can tell you that there were times when making customer happy was difficult in both Second Life and Real Life. But you do the best that you can, by balancing business and customer needs positive outcomes are always possible.

If you are a customer remember to be respectful, you’ll have a better chance of “winning”.
Merchants on the other hand, should always welcome customer feedback and develop their products in accordance to it. If the customer is happy, it often means your product, packaging and information is clear and of high standard. If you are not sure, ask them. You will be surprised what people got to say if they are given a chance.

What matters to you most as a content creator?

Freedom and imagination.

Lastly, where can readers buy your designs?

MADesigns products are available at KMADD (SLURL) as well as on Second Life marketplace.
Search KMADD or MAD in places in search or visit our blog for direct links to our various departments –

MADesigns interview in ELLE Magazine (CHINA)

[ click to download MADesigns wallpapers ]

You can view original article in Chinese here, but here is the translation.


Maddox DuPont is co-owner with Kirk Claymore of Second Life brand MADesigns (part of KMADD Enterprise) which specializes in Avatar creation offering products such as shapes, hair, eyes and poses. Maddox works as a creative director/set designer for MAD Agency, modeling agency owned by KMADD Enterprise. Kirk & Maddox also host 100 top fashion brands for men on their sim ~ KMADD City.



Elle: Where are you from originally and what do you do for a living?

I live in Melbourne, Australia and have fine art background, majoring in multi-media. I work in Second Life full-time.

Elle: How did you hear about Second Life and how long have you been creating for the game?

I have been in Second Life for 3 years in August and have been creating avatars for the past 2 and half years. I heard about Second Life via media, it was a television program about one of Second Life’s content creators who was selling furniture and lived solely from Second Life. I did not quite understand what I was watching, but I decided to try Second Life as the whole idea was fascinating and promised a lot of creative opportunities.

Elle: How did you first become interested in creating avatars of Second Life?

Being in Second Life for the first 6 months reminded me of my childhood and school years. I was overwhelmed with how vast this world was, how much there was to see, do and learn and I had no idea where to start. So I started with myself and what I had passion for in my Real Life and that was photography.

Working as a Second Life photographer I often came across clients that did not look good but wanted to have beautiful photos, so to achieve this I had to help them make lots of adjustments to their body (appearance) and what they were wearing (style). Eventually people were seeking my advice and help for their avatars look good instead of coming for photos so I decided to make business out of it.

I created brand called MADesigns which initially specialized in creating avatars & looks (shapes) and over time with a help of my partner Kirk Claymore (Avatar name) and our creative team, MADesigns has become full blown virtual enterprise – KMADD Enterprise.

KMADD Enterprise today represents a conglomerate of several fashion businesses:

–         MADesigns which is the largest store in Second Life for shapes, skins, hair, eyes

–         MAD Agency – boutique fashion/modeling agency that promotes both male & female designers

–         MAD Studio – fashion/glamor photography studio

–         MAD Image – styling services and fashion blog

–         KMADD City – which hosts over 100 top fashion brands for men in Second Life.

Elle: What was it about Second Life that interested you so much?

When I first found out about Second Life I just could not get my head around the concept so I was intrigued to find out what it was and experience it for myself. At first I thought it was a game (like Sims) but soon I discovered that in terms of creativity and networking it offered much more than any game could do. Because entire Second Life is created by its residents and you have freedom to move, interact and create unlike in most games, it offered great potential for creativity and entertainment.

Today, I see Second Life as my virtual home and playground. I have friends here, it is where me and my partner spend time together since we live on 2 different continents and it is place where I work, create and can express myself without breaking my budget.

Elle: Can you really earn a profit from selling virtual items in Second Life?

It really depends. To be successful in Second Life is not much different from being successful in Real Life. You would need right skills, experience and patience to succeed in Second Life.

People coming to Second Life with sole purpose to make money often do not succeed. Only your passion can sustain you while you are building your business and developing Second Life specific skills, during this time you often make no money.

Also creative talent is not the only thing that is important and would make you successful in Second Life. Making profit in Second Life is about having a right product, good timing, effective marketing strategy and it can also depend on network and sometimes luck.

Making a business successful in Second Life is a lot of hard work, but it is also loads of fun.

Elle: How do you feel about the competition in your Second Life business from the other players and famous fashion brands?

As a content creator for Second Life I welcome the competition. Without it I would not feel as innovative, focused and motivated.

Elle:You have created many looks with your avatars do you follow particular style or criteria when you are creating?

Kirk and I like to make characters that are real in their appearance; the style and presentation we use needs to tell the story of that character. When we style our products (Avatars/Shapes) we go for more classical looks that will withstand the test of time and that customers would understand and can put together easily. We basically take a trend and we interpret it in a way that would appeal to as many types of people as possible. The styles that we do on our fashion blog are more involved, have high detail and so they require more advanced level of skill to put together than the average customer has.

I also personally create hair styles and here situation is different. Here I can really let go and create anything I like as it is product that provides unlimited possibilities, can be inspired by real life fashion or not and is very easy to use.

Elle: Do you follow the runway trends when you designing?

I think it is important to understand what is happening in fashion to be able to show style that is appealing and appears current. When you are designing you try to satisfy the most discerning customer first as this will automatically please the rest.

Elle: What is the hardest part of creating virtual style?

Because my business depends on other fashion designers having the right ingredients is probably most difficult part of creating a look in Second Life. Not all Second Life designers create clothing that is flexible and that you can mix and match. Items have to come in a right color & texture, on the right clothing layer and option to modify them to be able to fit them properly to your avatar sometimes could be missing. Although this is sometimes hard it is also exciting as new looks can be created that often look complete and made by same designer when in fact they are combination from many.

Elle: What do you think about the future of virtual fashion?

I believe that Second Fashion is still at the stage of infancy. Many designers have created great basics for us to wear but only few have managed to create trend or make full use of the Second Life as a medium.

Second Life designers often take inspiration from Real Life brands, I think the future of virtual fashion would be when Real Life brands start taking inspiration from Second Life designers.

Elle: If you could change one thing about the Second Life world, what would you change?

Content theft is one of the biggest issues in Second Life and one of the hardest to address. I believe that this issue can be dealt with more effectively by Linden Lab (owners of Second Life) than it is currently. Content theft robs original creators of their hard work and can discourage designers from investing in Second Life business.

Elle: How to be an expert Second Life fashion designer and where should a beginning designer start?

You cannot graduate and master something if you have not finished the elementary school. So I would start with learning Second Life – how it works, where to go, what is available and what you can do. There are volumes of information available on Second Life website as well as tutorials on YouTube and Google. Once you understand what you can do in Second Life and what is needed, ideas will come and the only thing would be left is to use your skills to make your ideas come true.

Elle: Have you ever tried to design for any other fields of Second Life?

Yes. I build all MAD Modeling Agency fashion sets on monthly basis and also create textures that can be used in building and photography.

Elle: Do you have marketing strategy for your on-line business?

Yes we definitely do. I have been blessed that my parent in Second Life is in marketing in Real Life so we are at advantage.

Marketing in Second Life however works quite differently from Real Life. Marketing strategy of course would vary depending what type of business you have; while some things will work for one business they may not work for other.

The best thing about Second Life marketing is that you can test what works and what does not with no great monetary consequences. Because marketing strategies are not created by big companies but individuals who might not have done anything like it before, most people in Second Life are more forgiving of poor marketing strategies and you can recover easily.

One thing to remember is that if you do not have a quality product or you are offering a product that is widely available no amount of good marketing would help in selling that product.

Elle: Which do you enjoy more, playing or designing?

I am self confessed workaholic so designing is mostly what I do. But when your work is designing it feels more like playing so it does not seem so bad.

Elle: Who is your costumer? Do you know about their real life? How do you know if your work is popular or not?

Because of what we do our business attracts customers that are new as well as experienced players, we also cater to all age groups and both male and female.

People usually tell you when your work is good. What is great about Second Life is having access to designers and being able to talk to them; make requests and give them feedback. My business is successful only because I care for my customers and what they think.

Elle: Do you ever think of being a real life stylist? If yes, what is your next step. If no, why?

I did consider it in the past, especially when I first started styling. You get excited and carried away when you discover new talents that you never thought you had before. Second Life is like that – it can awake a lot of hidden potential and allows you to make your dreams reality.

I do not have a need to be Real Life stylist. I am quite content to do what I love doing and possibly earn just as much as Real Life stylist and all from the comfort of my own home.



Steampunk ~ The Future is Yesterday

Written by Maddox DuPont for RUNWAY Magazine December 2008

We are technology addicts. All of us, especially you who is reading this. You love your virtual lives, your ipods all those gadgets. They let you escape, dream, perhaps imagine better life. They make you feel more fortunate than your grandma, right?

I remember the first time I held my “touchy”, freshly unwrapped and fully charged. My fingers gliding on its smooth surface, with only few clicks I had my favourite track on while checking my e-mail and making to do list of all the things that I would probably never come around doing. I felt like Tom Cruise in “Minority report”, I felt future was here and I was part of it. I imagined how far we will get in the next 10 years if I am already here experiencing this. The future is now.

Then the reality sets in and the world that looks bright with hope starts flashing its wounds to reveal that we are not all living the same tomorrow. So, I try to escape, to freeze time so that I can live in this moment forever or visit the time where I felt at home with myself, with who I am.

And sometimes I am so paralysed to do anything at all often wondering if the path I will choose will be the best one for me. After all we create future, today and every move counts. Like the clock whose ticks announces each passing moment, each breath has purpose; each coil, spring and gear pulls the time with it in eternal cause and effect game.

It is from these dreams, hopes and ponderings that Steampunk was born. Steampunk can be broadly defined by it’s fashion, technology and lifestyle set in a world where steam power was widely used, usually Victorian and Edwardian era England, and with a strong helping of science fiction and science fantasy thrown in.

It’s the alternative path, that could have happened, like H. G. Wells and his time machine, or Jules Verne’s technologies. There’s steampunk inventions like dirigibles and other flying machines, steam automobiles and a real life computer called a “Difference Engine” invented by Charles Babbage in 1822. The emphasis is on steam driven or spring and clockwork propelled gadgets or any materials consistent with the Victorian era such as polished brass, iron, and wood.

In the world where almost everything is possible; where past, future and present can exist both at the same time (and often same place), is it to anyone’s surprise that steampunk has such a great following in Second Life?

What is so exciting about steampunk is that it combines two of our favourite things: nostalgia and technology. Everyone’s interpretation can be quite different and no rules really apply as long as they contain these two elements. As you will see it is not always necessary to adorn items that come from Victorian era, the style is much more flexible than that.

In the styles that are to follow I attempt to create characters with authentic presence who are embodiment of steampunk stereotypes to which I added my own personal interpretation. My intention was to challenge your perception of this particular genre and to inspire you to create your own unique style driven by your passions or suited to an occasion. I named styles: Nobleman, Nomad, Blimp Master, Steampunk Kitty and Firefly Commander.


[ click to enlarge ]


Really quite simple outfit when you look at it. I used modern hair style which fitted well with this period costume. Boots needed to be tinted as they were grey – choose light brown color with very little saturation.

This is elegant style suited for more formal occasion.

Steampunk Submarine Vessel is made by Carrah Rossini.


SHAPE: BUCK by MADesigns (modified)

SKIN: DRAGONFLY DESIGNS ~ (Desert)Ridge After Five GQ :Hair: Smooth Body\

HAIR: Defectiva ~ Gypsy BRN

EYES: MADesigns PROMISE eyes – brown pale 10


OUTFIT: Unzipped ~ Classical Badlands

MONOCOLE: LCC  – victorian monocle

RING: Mhaijik ~ Steampunk Gold Etched Ring

BOOTS: Angry Monkey ~  Justice Boots

CANE: Khep’s Creations ~ Post-Apoc SteamPunk Cane v.3


[ click to enlarge ]


I combined 2 whole outfits into one in this one. I also used helmet which comes with Sinister Designs outfit in addition to helmet from Blind Spot. I tinted all items from Blind Spot with brown to match the color of the outfit as it looked too pale in comparison. You can also add some glow to the monitor screen.

When I wore only a cloak I changed gloves to Steampunk Gloves from HC. HC is new label for combat gear and these gloves are exceptionally made.

You can also add goggles to this outfit which I did not ended up using but were originally part of this style. I used TonkTastic – Steampunk Goggles. They come with many great options for customisation and are all menu driven.

Location: Wastelands


SKIN: Gentlemen ~ Full 3

HAIR: bald by choice

EYES: MADesigns ~ PROMISE eyes – brown pale 10

TATTOO:  iNFLiCT ~ Im Not Pretending *Medium*


CLOTHING: Unzipped ~ Badlands4

CLOAK: Sinister Designs ~ Wasteland Warrior

GLOVES: HC ~ Steampunk gloves

SHOES: Blind Spot ~ Spoiler Limb

WEAPON: Blind Spot ~ Ge Lance /back

HELMET: Blind Spot ~ SuperMultiplet  Helmet


[ click to enlarge ]


This style is really no brainer, just wear items and adjust them to suit your body.

Location: Blimp @ Plunder


SKIN: TheAbyss ~ Scorpio_Orion[4]B Body Hair [Skullcap]

HAIR: bald by choice

EYES: MADesigns ~ PROMISE eyes – brown pale 10



OUTFIT: CIVVIES ~ “Scavenger” Coat Top

HAT: SiniStyle ~ Tank’D – drab

BOOTS: T.KING ~ Steampunk Brass Gear Boots

ARM: Hob Goblin ~ Brass Arm ((One Piece))

GLOVES: Angry Monkey ~ Road Warrior Glove

GOGGLES: LCC  – steampunk goggles


[ click to enlarge ]


I love this style for it is eclectic – you got a bit of Scottish, Neko, SteamPunk and Rock ‘n’ Roll. I keep getting people looking under my skirt hoping for a lucky surprise.

Location: SteamForge


SKIN: Belleza ~  Ewan tan 6-E bald

HAIR: Find Ash ~ Calm Gangster[Black/gold tips]

EYES: MADesigns ~ PROMISE eyes – green pale 14

TATTOO: DEVOL ~ Tribal Hemp Tattoo 1

BODY HAIR: Body Hair Shop ~ [vdbv] – {Jack} – chest hair (black-straight-thin)


KILT: The Syndicate ~ The Kurgan [Black]

TANK: World Wide Industries ~ lifted black floral tank

BOOTS: T.KING ~ Grunge Camp Kickers

TAIL: PrimtroniCS ~ Neko-Tail V1.2 Steampunk Gears III long

EARS: T.KING ~ Steampunk Brass Neko Ears

EYE PATCH: Last Eden ~ Goggle patch MALE

CUFFS: T.KING Grunge Camp Paw Cuff (large) & T.KING ~ Grunge Camp Paw Watch (large)

GUITAR: Hob Goblin ~ Steam-Punk Shredder Guitar


[ click to enlarge ]

I already spoke about this style in my preview post so not much to say here apart from that at the bottom you would find information on Bike and Gun used for this shoot.

Location: Muism Fashion Show set @ KMADD City


SKIN: -Belleza- Ewan tan 6-E

HAIR: bald

EYES: MADesigns NATURALS – happy blue pale eyes


COAT: Last Eden ~ Serial Killer Trench

SHIRT: Last Eden ~ Please Stand By

PANTS: Last Eden ~ Outlander Pants (Skinny)

HAT: Last Eden ~ Commissar hat skull an Cross Bones

BOOTS: [T.KING] ~ Steampunk Badlands Nemesis III Boots

BRACES: [T.KING] Spiked Bracers

EARINGS: Multi Earrings Skull (right) (models own)

NAILS: SiniStyle Taped Fingers & Black Nails (Index, Middle, Pinky)

GUN: T.KING ~ Steampunk Reactor Cannon II

BIKE: T.KING ~ Steampunk Badlands Terra-Bike

GLAMWorldSL Magazine is OUT

After a short break GLAM Magazine is back on news stands looking better than ever – this is SL Fashion at its best in quarterly publication. You can check my article on Autumn/Winter male fashion trends complete with styling ideas in the latest issue of GLAM World magazine.

To read it on-line go here:


RUNWAY Issue # 8 ~ Cool Autumn Styles

by Maddox DuPont for RUNWAY Magazine

Summer is officially over and to ease us into cool winter months autumn is knocking on our doors.

It is time to rug up ever so slightly and pull out your favourite jacket and head off for relaxing walk in the park or shopping in stores stocked up with new season clothing.

If you are opting for later, this season head to one city that has it all – KMADD City – male fashion capital. There is no reason to complain any more about male fashion in Second Life being neglected. With nearly 70 top male designers in one sim, you will have no excuses for not looking good or having nowhere to shop. Kirk and I have been working hard to bring you some of the hottest designers in male fashion as well as some that can be hard to find at times. KMADD City offers everything from clothing, accessories, shoes to poses and gestures. If you have been looking for uninterrupted shopping experience in Second Life, this is it guys!

Fashion featured in this month’s editorial come from designers that can be found at KMADD City and to get complete style information and tips and tricks from some of the leading names in male and female fashion, head to MAD Image blog.

This month we bring you clothing from names like: Gbberish, JuJu’s Closet, Meriken Co., Valiant, Redgrave, Argrace, Muism and Indigo.

If you are thinking of changing you tanned skin this season there’s no better time to do it; for new releases from Minnu Model Skins, Valiant, Aitui and AC Store will surely tempt you.

In this month’s editorial we are also featuring hair from emerging hair designers like: Uncle Web & Little Heaven with release from Argrace. For hair we suggest you also visit Aitui, Find Ash as well as Exile.

Enjoy the colors of autumn season and stock up on some great fashion for the cool months to come.

[ Click on the images to enlarge ]

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations.


SKIN: DAMINI ~ Neo skin normal Face 1

HAIR: Uncleweb Studio ~ Uw.St  Hibiki-Hair  size-L  cool black

EYES: MADesigns NATURALS – happy blue pale eyes


JACKET: Ju Ju’s Closet ~ Austin – grey –  no under shirt

JEANS: *Valiant* Gold/Silver Black Denim Jeans

KNIT: *Valiant* Grey Line V-Neck Sweater 1

SHOES: REDGRAVE ~ Strap Loafer -Black-

RING: Mhaijik ~ O-Rings Ring Black Rubber and Diamonds Multiplied

EARINGS: Mhaijik ~ O-Ring Earring One Black Rubber and Diamonds tiny rings – L

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HAIR: LITTLE HEAVEN  LH_hair13_rabi _white_L

EYES: MADesigns SOUL eyes Pale Grey


PANTS: *Muism* Leather Trouser /Dark Gray

JACKET: [Indigo] Black Vinyl Jacket with Striped Tee

SHOES: Armidi LTD – Dazed S001 Shoe (Blk/Silver)


CIG: Cigarette Napalm ::: Nikotin :::

BAG: [Armidi Gisaci] Focsani Bag – Lare


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SKIN: *Valiant* Chad – Cream tone – Stubble (Hair

HAIR: *ARGRACE* Hunting – Natural Wavy – Light brown

EYES: MADesigns PROMISE eyes – brown pale 2


PANTS: Gbberish** Attention Suede Pants (Dusk)

JACKET: Meriken Co. Bird hunting Jacket

SHOES: Jeepers Creepers Shoes ~ Quixote Clay Boot

BAG: Shiny Things ~ Compass Bag – black

One thing in common


September 2008

I once visited an art exhibition that featured wood carvings of empty bottles that were painted over with washes of paint. As I held the catalogue of all the paintings in my hand I realised that each one of these pieces had a corresponding line of the poem allocated to it. Poem spoke about a complex relationship between two people that has come to an end. I later found out that poem was written by the same artist which explained a real reason for all the empty bottles featured on his paintings.

Couple of the lines from this poem stuck with me to this day and they go something like this:

“And we are connected in the way I do not understand
And one thing in common
Hating the way we want everything to be nice”

I often look at Second Life as a microcosm of the real world we live in. It’s almost easier to realise certain things about life as the scale of our world is far smaller while concentration of our ideas and tendencies far greater. It is not very hard to observe that we are completely mesmerised with beauty and perfection, engaging in all sort of crusades to achieve it. We like to be part of the community, yet we like to stand on our own and be recognised for being unique and different.

In Second Life we use style, appearance, engage in activities and careers that best express who we really are. These things are done to some degree even more successfully than we are able to do them in Real Life due to our genetic, financial and cultural constraints.

Many of us have come to the realisation that looking good and expressing our uniqueness is highway to success in any area of our Second Life. Personality and talent will only get you so far with certain people, but beauty is something that almost everyone has weakness for. Although looking good is not all and everything that is needed for success, the boost of confidence that it gives you is surely going to help break the initial barrier of meeting someone to give you the opportunity to win them over with your personality and talent.

Luckily to look good in Second Life is not as hard nor financially debilitating for most. It does however require a good degree of patience, resourcefulness and creativity. I presume that if you are reading RUNWAY you understand how looking good will benefit not only your modelling career but also your social interaction.
Thanks to some gentle persuasion from Maggie Mahoney and Thalia Jie, I am glad to be joining Runway team and lead you on the way to a better looking you.

As the creator of MADesigns Shapes brand I am bringing to the RUNWAY over 2 years of experience in creating and dressing men and women of Second Life. I am also the owner of MAD Modelling Agency and MAD Studio Photography two aspects of KMADD Enterprise business that is dedicated to promoting, presenting and capturing exceptional talents of our designers and models. It is my hope that my articles and experience I will share with you will be enough to inspire you to develop your personal style and give your appearance in Second Life the individuality it needs.

And now as promised, here is the complete list of items I wore for the RUNWAY shoot.

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SKIN: Belleza ~ Ewan tan 6

EYES: MADesigns NATURALS ~ happy blue pale eyes



TANK: artilleri ~ skull artilleri tank top (long)

PANTS: REDGRAVE ~ 02 Pants Elegance / low waist – Black-

NECKLACE: Fing Shop ~ MaleDogTag-Psycho

WATCH: [ hoorenbeek ] ~ Ansor Watch – Large – Black

CUFFS: [ hoorenbeek ] ~ Leather Cuff – John – Black – Right – Medium

CIGS: [ hoorenbeek ] ~ Marlboro box – w/shadow

NAILS: SiniStyle ~ Taped Fingers & Black Nails (Index, Middle, Pinky)

POCKET: REDGRAVE ~ Scarf  // Left Pocket

BOOTS: D2TK ~ Mens Black Left Cowboy Boot v1.02

FEDORA: AKEYO ~ Fedora1_Black wool

RING: Mhaijik ~ Diamond and Platinum Ring Mns Sz



SKIN: Belleza ~ Ewan tan 6

HAIR: Novocaine Hair ~ Flynn – licorice

BODY HAIR: BODY HAIR SHOP ~ [vdbv] – {Jack} – chest hair (black-straight-thin)

EYES: MADesigns NATURALS ~ happy blue pale eyes


PANTS: TheAbyss ~ Oblivion Pants

JACKET: Meriken Co.Ltd ~ Jacket Gray Pyson

SCARF: Muism ~ Scarf _Dark silk_Short

COLLAR: ARMIDI ~ {Gisaci} Cambridge Cuffed Shirt Collar – Aufren Black

BOOTS: Eclipse Develpment ~ IMPACT – Boot

GLASSES: FNKY! ~ Dealer Glasses (Black)

RING: Mhaijik ~ Titanium w Black Ring Mns Sz



SKIN: Belleza ~ Ewan tan 6

EYES: MADesigns NATURALS ~ happy blue pale eyes

HAIR: Muism ~ Fox   /black -L

BODY HAIR: BODY HAIR SHOP ~ [vdbv] – {Jack} – chest hair (black-straight-thin)


GLOVES: Models own ~ custom

SHIRT: ARMIDI ~ {Gisaci} Cambridge Cuffed Shirt Top – Aufren Black

PANTS: AVid ~ Laureate pants

EARINGS: Muism ~ ear-ring / right

JACKET: REDGRAVE ~ 01c Suit Jacket Elegance -Black- // Jacket Solo (part of outfit)

SHOES: Kalnins ~ Shoes – Gallop

BRACELT: Mhaijik ~ Titanium Sleek C Bracelet Mns Sz

NECKLACE: EARTHTONES boutique ~ His Prayer Rosary, Bloodstone/SlvrBrs

Style/Model/Photography: Maddox DuPont


Dressing for Occassion

Written by Maddox DuPont

As one of the MAD Agency owners I get numerous expressions of interest from aspiring models. The most disappointing thing is that they never present like a model. When people come to me for a job, I expect them to look the part. If you are not willing to look your best when asking for a job interview, how do you expect to get a job? You might be very talented but I simply do not have confidence that you are going to work out because I can not get past first impressions.

Appearance really does matter and first impressions do count!

Whether you’re in the boardroom or a party or no matter what you’re doing, how you dress and look says a lot about your personality. If you look successful, you’re going to be successful. If you want people to take you seriously, you have to dress the part.

To ensure that you leave positive impression on your first date, when dealing business, while clubbing or simply in your moments of leisure, we have four killer outfits that will ensure you are never overlooked again.

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Making a Statement

Written by Maddox DuPont

Men have an inherent need to stand out. Generally speaking, men want to be in control, to be noticed, to attract the opposite sex (well, mostly), and to be seen as successful, confident and strong. This often opposes the way male clothing is designed in Real life and why it is so colourful in Second Life. With women’s clothing, there is such a great, broad variety of ways to express different moods; female fashion is flamboyant, bright, sexy, and fun. Men’s clothing however, is much more subdued.

Is it surprising then, that when some men – or even stylists, try to make a fashion statement in Second Life, their ensembles are often unwearable. No one wants to look like a Christmas Tree. Men want to stand out for a show – not for a beating. In saying that, it is still possible to express yourself with color, even if you are male. Keep in mind that less is almost always more – two colors will often do, in addition to black and white.

When it is time to make a fashion statement, I suggest you restrain your colors. Sure we want to stand out, but we still do not want to look like women. Rely on details to add color, flair and originality to your outfit. Men often forget about the small details. They are concerned only with having the biggest and latest items. That’s why you see so many guys addicted to muscle and red cars in real life, while in Second Life our male fashionists parade somebody else’s idea of style. Just because is it is a latest release, that does not make it fashionable. Remember, unless you are making a trend, you are following one.

To create a trend you do not need to be a designer or a stylist. You just need to be creative. Clothes are your palette, mood is your brush, occasion is your canvas.

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The Essential Shoe

“If the shoe fits, wear it.”

It was only a year ago that men’s shoes in Second Life underwent a complete revolution, however shoes only became real six months ago when Sculpties were introduced.

Men’s shoes are still very limited, and whenever I get asked about what I would sell or what I would like more of in men’s fashion, I say: “Shoes. More shoes!!!” Here you will find some of the leading brands in men’s shoes today. I have decided to focus on designers that I admire, and those that consistently surprise and inspire me with their creations. My selection was based on quality, originality and versatility of the items – not value, as I assure you every linden spent on these beauties will be a worthwhile investment.

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Out of the box

Written by Maddox DuPont

Imagine waking up in a world where everyone looks and dresses the same. A world where looks come in a box, conveniently assembled to match your every mood. All you need to do is right click and press BUY and you are transformed into a Goth Rock Star, Punk Princess, Chic Supermodel or Hunky Prep Boy. There are no limits to how you can look or what you can be, yet most of us use very little of our imagination and sense of style to look anything different to what is on the box.

Welcome to The World of Clones – welcome to Second Life.

Nash by MADesigns

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