Make a show

Even though it’s winter, it is still in season to have fun with your outfit. Wear high fashion items and crazy hair to make an impression. Play with make up layers to create a new look. Remember to play around with fashion, create styles that you enjoy and remember to have fun.

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Lovely Lingerie

I haven’t blogged lingerie before, however Hollee Dion makes gorgeous underwear, the attention to detail in the underwiring and the seams is second to none. This lovely set is “Delinquency” and I like the idea of pure white and utter naughtiness together.

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Oh! Mr Hart!

Hart Larsson, the creator of PXL skins has released his new range of skins, called “July” and they are simply magnificent with beautiful depth of shading and subtle details.


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Late for Tea in Wonderland

There were so many amazing costumes at KMADD’s Alice in Wonderland event, that I could have showed you all of them and you would be equally impressed. Once that stood out from the the rest is costume put together by Sally Yachvili, model and manager for A.c Store . I invited Sally to do a post about this costume for all you ladies – so here she is …

When Maddox Dupont showed me the two sims he had made for Kirk’s Rezzday I was so impressed and at that moment I started to research about Alice in Wonderland and what I should wear for that event. I decided, as usual, to go very sophisticated mixing the best of the classic and modern.


Mad Hatter Costume for Kirk´s Rezday

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For and After!

Sometimes you can find on the grid a little froufrou of a gown, not available in a multitude of colors, just one color and simply gorgeous, like this Red Dragon Corset gown from The House of Nyla.

Virtual recereation of real life dress.

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